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Scientific publications

Original research papers of the Institute since 2012 (Web of Science)


Pšenička J, Weiming Z, Boyce CK, Votočková-Frojdová J, Bek J, Opluštil S, Wang J (2022): Two new leptosporangiate ferns from in situ volcanic ash of the Whetstone Horizon (Kladno Formation, Pennsylvanian), Pilsen Basin, Czech Republic. Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology 299 104608.


Ackerman L, Pašava J, Žák J, Žák K, Kachlík V, Šebek O, Trubač J, Svojtka M, Veselovský F, Strnad L, Santolík V (2021) Arc-related black shales as sedimentary archives of sea-level fluctuations and plate tectonics during the late Neoproterozoic: an example from the Bohemian Massif Marine and Petroleum Geology 123: Article No. 104713

Bek J & Opluštil S (2021): Early Pennsylvanian to early Permian (Bashkirian–Asselian) miospore and pollen assemblages of the Czech part of the Intra-Sudetic Basin. Bulletin of Geosciences 96, 3, 341-379.

Cleal C, Pardoe HS, Berry CM, Cascales-Miñana B, Davis BAS, Diez JB, Filipova-Marinova MV, Giesecke T, Hilton J, Ivanov D, Kustatscher E, Leroy SAG, McElwain JC, Opluštil S, Popa ME, Seyfullah LJ, Stolle E, Thomas BA, Uhl D (2021):  Palaeobotanical experiences of plant diversity in deep time. 1: How well can we identify past plant diversity in the fossil record? Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 576,110481.

Chroust M, Mazuch M, Ivanov M, Ekrt B, Luján ÀH (2021) First remains of Diplocynodon cf. ratelii from the early miocene sites of Ahníkov (Most Basin, Czech Republic) Bulletin of Geosciences Volume 96, Issue 2, Pages 123 – 138

Chroustová M, Holcová K, Laurin J, Uličný D, Hradecká L, Hrnková M, Čech S, Hrouda F, Jarvis I (2021) Response of foraminiferal assemblages to precession-paced environmental variation in a mid-latitude seaway: Late Turonian greenhouse of Central Europe. Marine Micropal 167, 102025 

Jagt-Yazykova EA, Košťák M, Jagt JWM (2021): First record of the enigmatic coleoid genus Longibelus from Sakhalin (Far East Russia): a contribution to our understanding of Cretaceous coleoid habitats in the Pacific Realm. Swiss Journal of Palaeontology 140:12

Košťák M, Schlögl J, Fuchs D, Holcová K, Hudáčková N, Culka A, Fözy I, Tomašových A, Milovský R, Šurka J, Mazuch M (2021) Fossil evidence for vampire squid inhabiting oxygen-depleted ocean zones since at least the Oligocene Communications Biology Volume 4, Issue 1: Article No. 216

Libertín M, Bek J, Wang J, Opluštil S, Pšenička J, Votočková-Frojdová J (2021):  New data about three sphenophylls and their spores from the volcanic tuff of Wuda, Taiyuan Formation, earliest Permian, China. Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology 294.

Mironenko AA, Boiko MS, Bannikov AF, Arkhipkin AI, Bizikov VA, Košťák M (2021): First discovery of the soft-body imprint of an Oligocene fossil squid indicates its piscivorous diet. Lethaia 000, 1– 13.

Opluštil S, Wang J, Pfefferkorn HW, Pšenička J, Bek J, Libertín M, Wang J, Wan M, He X, Yan M, Wei H, Votočková-Frojdová J (2021): T0 Early Permian coal-forest preserved in situ in volcanic ash bed in the Wuda Coalfield, Inner Mongolia, China. Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology 294. 104347.

Opluštil S, Pšenička J, Šimůnek Z, Simonetto L, Kustatscher E, Votočková-Frojdová J(2021): The Late Pennsylvanian flora of the Italian Carnic Alps. Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology. 285, 104360.

Opluštil S, Cleal CJ, Wang J, Wan M (2021): Carboniferous macrofloral biostratigraphy: an overview. In: Lucas, S. G., Schneider, J. W., Wang, X. and Nikolaeva, S. (eds) The Carboniferous Timescale. Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 512.

Pardoe HS, Cleal C, Berry CM, Cascales-Miñana B, Davis BAS, Diez JB, Filipova-Marinova MV, Giesecke T, Hilton J, Ivanov D, Kustatscher E, Leroy SAG, McElwain JC, Opluštil S, Popa ME, Seyfullah LJ, Stolle E, Thomas BA, Uhl D (2021):  Palaeobotanical experiences of plant diversity in deep time. 2: How to measure and analyse past plant biodiversity. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 580,110618. 

Pašava J, Ackerman L, Žák J, Veselovský F, Creaser RA, Svojtka M, Luais B, Pour O, Šebek O, Trubač J, Vosáhlová E, Cividini D (2021) Elemental and isotopic compositions of trench-slope black shales, Bohemian Massif, with implications for oceanic and atmospheric oxygenation in early Cambrian Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology in press

Plint AG, Uličný D, Čech S, Walaszczyk I, Gröcke DR, Laurin J, Shank JA, Jarvis I (after revision) Trans-Atlantic correlation of Upper Cretaceous high-frequency sea-level cycles. Earth and Planetary Science Letters. Acceptance and DOI expected Oct. 2021.

Pšenička J, Wang J, Bek J, Pfefferkorn HW, Opluštil S, Zhou W, Votočková-Frojdová J, Libertín M (2021): A zygopterid fern with fertile and vegetative parts in anatomical and compression preservation from the earliest Permian of Inner Mongolia, China. Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology 294.

Roberts NMW, Žák J, Vacek F, Sláma J (2021) No more blind dates with calcite: fluid-flow vs fault-slip along the Očkov thrust, Prague Basin Geoscience Frontiers in press

Tomek F, Opluštil S, Svojtka M, Špillar V, Rapprich V, Míková J (2021) Altenberg–Teplice Caldera sourced Westphalian fall tuffs in the central and western Bohemian Carboniferous basins (eastern Variscan belt) International Geology Review in press

Vaňková L, Košťák M, Mazuch M (2021) Lower Cretaceous belemnites of Štramberk klippen (Czech Republic): Implications for geological history of the outer Western Carpathians  Cretaceous Research Volume 126 Article No. 104905

Votočková-Frojdová J, Wang J, Pšenička J, Bek J, Opluštil S, Libertín M (2021): A new leptosporangiate fern Oligosporangiopteris zhongxiangii gen. and sp. nov.from the lowermost Permian of Inner Mongolia, China – morphology, anatomy and reproductive organs. Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology 294.

Walaszczyk I, Čech S, Crampton JS, Dubicka Z, Ifrim C, Jarvis I, Kennedy WJ, Lees JA, Lodowski D, Pearce M, Peryt D, Sageman BB, Schissler P, Todes J, Uličný D, Voigt S, Wiese F, Linnert C, Püttmann T, Toshimitsu S (2021) The Global Boundary Stratotype Section and Point (GSSP) for the base of the Coniacian Stage (Salzgitter-Salder, Germany) and its auxiliary sections (Słupia Nadbrzeżna, central Poland; Střeleč, Czech Republic; and El Rosario, NE Mexico) Episodes -0001;0:-.

Wang J, Pfefferkorn HW, Opluštil S,  Kerp H (2021): Permian “vegetational Pompeii”: A peat-forming in situ preserved forest from the Wuda Coalfield, Inner Mongolia, China – Introduction to a volume of detailed studies. Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology 294.

Žák J, Svojtka M, Gerdjikov I, Kounov A, Vangelov DA (2021) The Balkan terranes: a missing link between the eastern and western segments of the Avalonian–Cadomian orogenic belt? International Geology Review in press


Aubrechtová M, Turek V, Zicha O (2020) Early ontogenetic growth stages of Middle Ordovician orthoceratoid cephalopods from Bohemia Acta Palaeontologica Polonica 65: 575–588

Aubrechtová M, Meidla T (2020) Lituitid cephalopods from the upper Darriwilian and basal Sandbian (Middle–Upper Ordovician) of Estonia GFF 142: 267–296

Brlek M, Kutterolf S, Gaynor S, Kuiper K, Belak M, Brčić V, Holcová K, Wang KL, Bakrač, K, Hajek Tadesse V, Mišur I, Horvat M, Suica S, Schaltegger U (2020) Miocene syn-rift evolution of the North Croatian Basin (Carpathian-Pannonian Region): new constraints from Mts. Kalnik and Požeška gora volcaniclastic record with regional implications International Journal of Earth Sciences 109: 2775–2800

Budil P, Fatka O (2020) Ordovician trilobites with soft parts in African West Gondwana, European peri-Gondwana and Avalonia: a review Geological Society, London, Special Publications in press 

Buckeridge JS, Kočí M, Gašparič R, Kočová Veselská M (2020) Actinobalanus ? sloveniensis (Thoracica, Balanoidea), a new species of cirripede from the Oligocene and Miocene of Slovenia that grew attached to wood substrates Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie 296: 51–65

Gastaldo RA, Bamford M, Calder J, DiMichele WA, Ianuzzi R, Jasper A, Kerp H, McLoughlin S, Opluštil S, Pfefferkorn HW, Roessler R, and Wang J (2020): The non-analog vegetation of the Late Paleozoic icehouse–hothouse and their coal-forming forested environments. in Martinetto, E Tschopp, E, and Gastaldo, RA, eds, Nature Through Time Springer Textbooks in Earth Sciences, Geography and Environment, Springer International Publishing, Pages 291-316 ISBN 978-3-030-35057-

Gastaldo RA, Bamford M, Calder J, DiMichele WA, Ianuzzi R, Jasper A, Kerp H, McLoughlin S, Opluštil S, Pfefferkorn HW, Roessler R and Wang J (2020): The Coal Farms of the Late Paleozoic. in Martinetto, E Tschopp, E, and Gastaldo, RA, eds, Nature Through Time Springer Textbooks in Earth Sciences, Geography and Environment, Springer International Publishing, 317-343 ISBN 978-3-030-35057-4 

Greguš J, Kvaček J, Sakala J (2020) Charcoalified homoxylous woods from the Cenomanian of the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin (Czech Republic) Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology 282: Article No. 104311

Heřmanová Z, Bruthansová J,Holcová K, Mikuláš R, Kočová Veselská M, Kočí T, Dudák J, Vohník M (2020) Benefits and limits of x-ray micro-computed tomography for visualization of colonization and bioerosion of shelled organism Palaeontologia Electronica 23: Article No. a23

Holcová K, Suchánek V, Heřmanová Z, Vondrák D (2020) The first evidence of bioerosion in chitinous lacustrine microfossils from glacial lakes (Late Pleistocene and Holocene, Bohemian Forest) Palaios 35: 317–326

Hradil D, Hradilová J, Lanterna G, Galeotti M, Holcová K, Jaques V, Bezdička P (2020) Clay and alunite-rich materials in painting grounds of prominent Italian masters – Caravaggio and Mattia Preti Applied Clay Science 185: Article No. 105412

Hušková A, Slavík L (2020) In search of Silurian/Devonian boundary conodont markers in carbonate environments of the Prague Synform (Czech Republic) Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 549: Article No. 109126

Kočová Veselská M, Kočí M, Buckeridge JS (2020) Cirripedes from hemipelagic deposits of the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin (Czech Republic), with remarks on an exceptionally well-preserved capitulum of Diotascalpellum angustatum (Geinitz, 1843) Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie 296: 129–145

Košťák M, Kohout O, Mazuch M, Čech S (2020) An unusual occurrence of vascoceratid ammonites in the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin (Czech Republic) marks the lower Turonian boundary between the Boreal and Tethyan realms in central Europe Cretaceous Research 108: Article No. 104338

Kraft P, Bruthansová J, Mikuláš R (2020) Feeding traces related to shells from the Prague Basin, Czech Republic (Tremadocian to early Darriwilian, Ordovician) Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 537: Article No. 109399 

Laibl L, Maletz J, Olschewski P (2020) Post‐embryonic development of Fritzolenellus suggests the ancestral morphology of the early developmental stages in Trilobita Papers in Palaeontology in press

Murphy JB, Nance RD, Cawood PA, Collins WJ, Dan W, Doucet LS, Heron PJ, Li ZX, Mitchell RN, Pisarevsky S, Pufahl PK, Quesada C, Spencer CJ, Strachan RA, Wu L (2020) Pannotia: in defence of its existence and geodynamic significance Geological Society, London, Special Publications 503: in press 

Nance RD (2020) The supercontinent cycle and Earth’s long-term climate AGU Geophysical Monograph Series in press

Pérez-Peris P, Laibl L, Lustri L, Gueriau P, Antcliffe JB, Bath Enright OG, Daley AC (2020) A new nektaspid euarthropod from the Lower Ordovician strata of Morocco Geological Magazine in press

Pšenička J, Wang J, Hilton J, Zhou W, Bek J, Opluštil S, Frojdová J (2020) A small heterophyllous vine climbing on Psaronius and Cordaites trees in the earliest Permian forests of North China International Journal of Plant Sciences 181: 616–645

Saleh F, Antcliffe JB, Lefebvre B, Pitteta B, Laibl L, Peris FP, Lustri L, Gueriau P, Daley AC (2020) Taphonomic bias in exceptionally preserved biotas Earth and Planetary Science Letters 529: Article No. 115873

Saleh F, Vidal M, Laibl L, Sansjofre P, Gueriau P, Pérez-Peris F, Lustri L., Lucas V, Lefebvre B, Pittet B, El Hariri K, Daley AC (2020) Large trilobites in a stress-free Early Ordovician environment Geological Magazine in press

Schneider JW, Lucas SG, Scholze F, Voigt S, Marchetti L, Klein H, Opluštil S, Werneburg R, Golubev VK, Barrick JE, Nemyrovska T, Ronchi A, Day MO, Silantiev VV, Rößler R, Saber H, Linnemann U, Zharinova V, Shen SZ (2020) Late Paleozoic–early Mesozoic continental biostratigraphy: links to the Standard Global Chronostratigraphic Scale Palaeoword 29: 186–238

Suttner TJ, Kido E, Ariunchimeg Y, Sersmaa G, Waters JA, Carmichael SK, Batchelor CJ, Ariuntogos M, Hušková A, Slavík L, Valenzuela-Ríos JI, Liao JC, Gatovsky YA (2020): Conodonts from Late Devonian island arc settings (Baruunhuurai Terrane, western Mongolia) Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 549: Article No. 109099

Šmídová, L (2020) Cryptic bark cockroach (Blattinae: Bubosa poinari gen. et sp. nov.) from mid-Cretaceous amber of northern Myanmar Cretaceous Research Vol. 109, Article 104383

Trubač J, Žák J, Kondrová L (2020) Magmatic tempos in large hot orogens in comparison with continental margin arcs Journal of Geology 128: 465–475

Vaškaninová V (2020) Bone of contention Nature Ecology and Evolution 4: 1447–1448

Vaškaninová V (2020) New genus of homostiid arthrodire contributes to the revision of placoderm diversity in the Early Devonian of the Prague Basin Alcheringa: An Australasian Journal of Palaeontology 44: 397–410

Vaškaninová V, Chen D, Tafforeau P, Johanson Z, Ekrt B, Blom, H, Ahlberg PE (2020) Marginal dentition and multiple dermal jawbones as the ancestral condition of jawed vertebrates Science 369: 211–216

Wiese F, Čech S, Walaszczyk I, Košťák M (2020) An upper Turonian (Upper Cretaceous) inoceramid zonation and a round-the-world trip with Mytiloides incertus (Jimbo, 1894) Zeitschrift der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Geowissenschaften​ - German Journal of Geology​ 171: 211–226

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Zicha O, Bruthansová J, Kraft P (2020) Epibionts on shells in the Šárka Formation: a sparsely occupied niche in the lower to middle Darriwilian (Oretanian, Ordovician) in the Prague Basin (Czech Republic) Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 550: Article No. 109401


Ackerman L, Hajná J, Žák J, Erban V, Sláma J, Polák L, Kachlík V, Strnad L, Trubač J (2019) Architecture and composition of ocean floor subducted beneath northern Gondwana during Neoproterozoic to Cambrian: a palinspastic reconstruction based on Ocean Plate Stratigraphy (OPS) Gondwana Research 76: 77–97

Akkemik Ü, Yıldırım DK, Sakala J, Akkılıç H, Altınışık A (2019) New petrified wood descriptions from west-central Anatolia: contribution to the composition of the Neogene forest of Turkey Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie 292: 57–71

Barna P, Šmídová L, Coutiño José MA (2019) Living cockroach genus Anaplecta discovered in Chiapas amber (Blattaria: Ectobiidae: Anaplecta vega sp.n.) PeerJ 7: Article No. e7922

Buckeridge JS, Kočí T, Schlögl Ján, Tomašových A, Kočová Veselská M (2019) Deep-water cirripedes colonizing dead shells of the cephalopod Nautilus macromphalus from New Caledonian waters Integrative Zoology 14: 561–575

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Hajná J, Žák J, Ackerman L, Svojtka M, Pašava J (2019) A giant late Precambrian chert-bearing olistostrome discovered in the Bohemian Massif: a record of Oceanic Plate Stratigraphy (OPS) disrupted by mass-wasting along an outer trench slope Gondwana Research 74: 173–188

Heřmanová Z, Kvaček J, Halamski AT, Zahajská P, Šilar J (2019) Reinterpretation of fossil reproductive structures Zlivifructus microtriasseris (Normapolles complex, Fagales) from the Czech and Polish Late Cretaceous Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology 268: 88–94 

Holcová K, Kopecká J, Scheiner F (2019) An imprint of the Mediterranean middle Miocene circulation pattern in a satellite sea during the Langhian: a case study from the Carpathian Foredeep (Central Paratethys) Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 514: 336–348

Holcová K, Dašková J, Fordinal K, Hrabovský J, Milovský R, Scheiner F, Vacek F (2019) A series of ecostratigraphic events across the Langhian/Serravallian boundary in an epicontinental setting: the northern Pannonian Basin Facies 65: Article No. 36

Chroust M, Mazuch M, Luján Àngel H (2019) New crocodilian material from the Eocene–Oligocene transition of the NW Bohemia (Czech Republic): an updated fossil record in Central Europe during the Grande Coupure Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie 293: 73–82

Chroustová M, Pipík R (2019) Late Turonian ostracod assemblages record a shift from mesotrophic to oligtrophic hemipelagic deposits in the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin (Czech Republic) Cretaceous Research 104: Article No. 104160

Kočí T, Vodrážka R, Kočová Veselská M, Buckeridge J (2019) An intertidal balanomorph Hexaminius venerai sp. nov. (Austrobalanidae) colonizing a log of Podocarpoxylon from the La Meseta Formation (Eocene), Seymour Island, Antarctica: a glimpse of Antarctic antiquity Historical Biology 31: 1341–1349

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Scheiner F, Holcová K, Milovský R, Doláková N, Rigová J (2019) Response of benthic foraminiferal communities to changes in productivity and watermass conditions in the epicontinental Paratethys during the middle Miocene Marine Micropaleontology  151: Article No. 101750 

Štor T, Schaller M, Merchel S, Martínek K, Rittenour T, Rugel G, Scharf A (2019) Quaternary evolution of the Ploučnice River system (Bohemian Massif) based on fluvial deposits dated with optically stimulated luminescence and in situ produced cosmogenic nuclides Geomorphology 329: 152–169

Suchý V, Filip J, Sýkorová I, Pešek J, Kořínková, D (2019) Palaeo-thermal and coalification history of Permo-Carboniferous sedimentary basins of Central and Western Bohemia, Czech Republic: first insights from apatite fission track analysis and vitrinite reflectance modelling Bulletin of Geosciences 94: 201–219

Svobodová A, Kočí T, Kočová Veselská M, Ferré B, Košťák M, Čech S, Chroustová M (2019) New biostratigraphic evidence (calcareous nannofossils, ostracods, foraminifers, ammonites, inoceramids) on the Middle Coniacian in the eastern Bohemian Cretaceous Basin Geological Quarterly 63: 586–602

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