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Zdeněk Kliment

Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Science
Department of Physical Geography and Geoecology
Albertov 6, 128 43 Praha 2, Czech Republic
Phone: +420 221 951 374
E-mail: zdenek.kliment@natur.cuni.cz

Office: 3. floor, No. 346

Research Interest

I am doing research in the field of hydrology and fluvial geomorphology with a focus on rainfall-runoff process and its changes, water retention in the landscape, water erosion and sediment transport in the catchment area, fluvial dynamics of river systems and surface water quality. I also deal with regional physical geography and changes in nature environment of the African continent.

Selected publications

HARTVICH, F., TÁBOŘÍK, P., ŠOBR, M., JANSKÝ, B., KLIMENT, Z., AND LANGHAMMER, J. (2020): Landslide‐dammed lake sediment volume calculation using waterborne ERT and SONAR profiling. Earth Surf. Process. Landforms, 45: 3463– 3474.

BLAHUSIAKOVA, A., MATOUSKOVA, M., JENICEK, M., LEDVINKA, O., KLIMENT, Z., PODOLINSKA, J., SNOPKOVA, Z. (2020).  Snow and climate trends and their impact on seasonal runoff and hydrological drought types in selected mountain catchments in Central Europe. Hydrological Sciences Journal, 65(1-2), 2083-2096.

KLIMENT, Z., 2018. Proměny Oranžské řeky. Geografické rozhledy, 27(3): 26-29.

KUJANOVÁ, K., MATOUŠKOVÁ. M., KLIMENT, Z., 2016. Hydromorphological parameters of natural channel behavior in conditions of the Hercynian System and the flysch belt of the Western Carpathians on the territory of the Czech Republic. Geomorphology, 258: 69-81. 

KRÁLOVEC, V., KLIMENT, Z., MATOUŠKOVÁ. M., 2016.  Evaluation of runoff response on the base of comparative paired catchment research in mountain catchments with the different land use. Case study of the Blanice River, Czechia. Geografie, 121(2): 209-234.

KRÁLOVEC, V., KLIMENT, Z., VLČEK, L, 2016. Hodnocení retence vody v půdě v lesním a nelesním prostředí. Zprávy lesnického výzkumu, 61(3): 181-189.

KLIMENT, Z., MATOUŠKOVÁ, M., LEDVINKA, O., KRÁLOVEC, V., 2011. Trend analysis of rainfall-runoff regimes in selected headwater areas of the Czech Republic. Journal of Hydrology and Hydromechanics, 59(1): 36-50.

KLIMENT, Z., MATOUŠKOVÁ, M., 2009. Runoff changes in the Šumava Mountains (Black Forest) and the foothill regions: Extent of influence by human impact and climate changes. Water Resources Management, 23(9): 1813-1834.

KLIMENT, Z., KADLEC, J., LANGHAMMER, J., 2008. Evaluation of suspended load changes using AnnAGNPS and SWAT semi-empirical models. Catena, 73(3): 286-299.

KLIMENT, Z., 2005. Plaveniny jako produkt a indikátor vodní eroze půdy v geograficky rozdílných podmínkách České republiky. Journal of Hydrology and Hydromechanics, 53(4): 231-244.


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