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IGU LUCC Report 2013-2014

IGU LUCC Report 2008-2012



All papers from Cologne IGC 20102 (zip) 

List of papers:

  • -I. Bicik - Activity of the IGU/LUCC commission 2008 - 2012
  • -F. Cattier, J.-D. Sta, J. Wirth - Global Long Term Energy and CO2 Emission Scenarios under Land Use Constraints
  • -J. C. Membrado, E. Iranzo - Results and Comparison between CORINE and SIOSE in the Land of Valencia (Spain)
  • -G. Guedes, A. Barbieri, B. Queiroz, E. S. Brondizio - Land Use Systems in the Brazilian Amazon
  • -E. Milanova - Land Use/Cover Change: Global challenges Ä Local solutions
  • -M. Widgren, U. Jonsson, B. Doolittle, J. Myrdal, B. Woods - Global Croplands and Agricultural Systems AD 1000 to AD 2000
  • -X. Hou, L. Wu - Tracking Dynamic Land Use Change Using Spatial-Markov Model Based on Spatial Analysis Techniques
  • -Y. Himiyama - Great Disasters and Land Use/Cover Changes Ä Some Lessons of Great East Japan Disaster
  • -M. Gabrovec, D. Bole - The growth of traffic areas in Slovenia in the last 200 years
  • -K. S. Ganzei, V. V. Ermoshin - Classification and landscape mapping of the Russian part of Amur River basin
  • -G. Halpern, M. Meadows - Fifty years of land use change in the Swartland, Western Cape, South Africa: characteristics, causes and consequences
  • -Z. Janousek, P. Stych, I. Bicik - Specific methods applied in investigation on the long term land use development in Czechia
  • -R. Harini, H. S. Yunus, Kasto, S. Hartono - Spatial Analysis of Farmers Attitude in Defending Agricultural Land at Sleman Rgency - Indonesia
  • -V. V. Ermoshin - Contact zones of the Amur River basin: Landscape structure, Land cover and Anthropogenic influence
  • -J. Feranec, M. Kopecka, J. Otahel, J. Novacek - Changes of artificial surfaces in Slovakia 1990-2006
  • -Shakil Romshoo - Catchment Hydrological Response to Changing Land System in Kashmir Himalaya
  • -Ch. Mizutani - Multi-temporal analysis of land use transition considering lifetime
  • -O. Klimanova - Opportunities and Threats of Artificial Reforestation in Steppe Zone of Eurasia
  • -D. Balteanu, M. Dumitrascu, E.-A. Popovici - Land Use/Land Cover Changes along the Romanian Danube Valley in the Postcommunist Period
  • -L. Valozic - Object-based LULC classification of urban and peri-urban areas
  • -P. Prokop, S. Sarkar - Natural and human impact on land use change of the Eastern Himalayan piedmont, India
  • -T. Maruani - The role of courts in open space conservation
  • -M. Ferenc - Land use and land cover changes in Oresund region



All papers from Prague Conference 2010 (zip) 

List of papers:

  • -I. Bicik et al. - Long term land use database of Czechia (1845-2010): Methods of evaluation.
  • -I. Bicik - Transformation of rural areas in Czechia 1990-2009
  • -I. Bicik - IGU/LUCC activities 2008-2012
  • -J. Bruna - Modelling of Land Cover Change in Abandoned Landscape using Time Series of Aerial Photography
  • -D. Lopez-Carr - Space, Place, Population and Tropical Deforestation: Latin America and Guatemala’s Maya Biosphere Reserve
  • -J. Feranec et al. - Expansion of artificial surfaces in Slovakia in 2000-2006: assessment based on the CORINE land cover data and national statistics
  • -M. Gabrovec - Slovenia: The Case of the Least Transformed Rural Landscape in Central Europe after 19th Century?
  • -H. Geist - Collapse of tobacco farming in Europe - Reality or myth?
  • -L. Jelecek, J. Janac - Societal Driving Forces and the LU Changes Interpretation: Case of Czechia in 19th-20th Centuries
  • -J. Kabrda - Changing Area and Regional Distribution of Grasslands in the Czech Republic after 1960
  • -M. Kopecka et al. - Changes in Use of Arable Land in Slovakia and Bulgaria during the Transformation Period
  • -J. Kozakova - The influence of land use changes on the provision of ecosystem services in the Cezava region, the Czech Republic
  • -B. Krasnoyarova, S. Sharabarina - Post Soviet Processes of Land Use Transformation in Siberia
  • -L. Kupkova, P. Bromova - Land cover changes in Prague hinterland caused by suburbanization
  • -P. Kurz - Hedges in Alpine Landscapes
  • -M. Marjanovic - Influence of LULC change on the Landslide Susceptibility
  • -E. Milanova - Land Use/Cover Change Different Spatial Level Study: Cognitive and Practical Value
  • -J. Otahel et al. - Dynamics and Stability of Land Use: Analysis on the Basis of the Natural Landscape and the CORINE Land Cover Data (Case Study Region of Bratislava)
  • -R. Rasin - Landscape memory in the Czech-Austrian borderland
  • -V. Silhankova, M. Pondelicek - Land Use Changes and Urban Dynamics: How to measure?
  • -J. Spilkova, L. Sefrna - New Retail Development on the Outskirts of Prague: Impact on Land Use and Soils
  • -D. Vackar - Relationship between land cover, ecosystem use and biodiversity in the Czech Republic
  • -K. Veprek - Land Use of Czech Towns in last 40 years


CONFERENCE PAPERS - Vladivostok 2009

All papers from Vladivostok Conference 2009 (zip) 

Results of discussion about LUCC commission future activites

List of papers:

  • -Y.Himiyama - Towards sustainable land use in Asia
  • -P.Ya.Baklanov - Problems and preconditions of sustainable nature management in North East Asia 
  • -T.Murota, T.Litvinenko - Recent Trend of Population and Natural Resources Use and Five Settlement Patterns in Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, Russia 
  • -I.Bicik, R.Perlin - Rural development and land use changes in Czechia after 1990 
  • -P.Mares, M.Gabrovec - Land use heading towards regional differentiation: Case studies Czechia and Slovenia
  • -V.Karakin - The Russian Far East (RFE): 400 Years of Mastering
  • -T. Miyasaka, T. Okuro, X. Y. Zhao, H. L. Zhao, K. Takeuchi - Agent-based Framework of Empirical Land Use/Cover Change Model for Simulating Relationships between Land Degradation, Household Behavior and Policy Implementation in Northeast China 
  • -Dong Suocheng, Yu Li, Li Zehong, Fei You, Chuansheng Wang, Xiaojun Zhang - The Environmental Impacts and Sustainable urbanization Strategy in Arid Areas of Northwest China
  • -Zongming Wang, Kaishan Song, Bai Zhang - Impacts of Land Use/cover Changes on Net Primary Productivity in the Sanjiang Plain, China
  • -Kaishan Song, Zongming Wang, Bai Zhang - Mapping the Heilongjiang Basin LULC with MODIS 250 m NDVI time series data
  • -M.Okumura - Qualitative Classification Based on Transportation Activities
  • -Nan Ying, Liu Zifeng, Zhu Weihong - Identifying Land Use-Cover Changes Using High-Resolution Satellite Images: a Case Study in Lower Reaches of Tumen River, China a
  • -I.Skirina, I.Rodnikova - Modern Condition of the Lichen Flora from Prykhankayskaya Valley as Indicator Of Anthropogenic Transformation Of The Landscapes 
  • -N.V.Mishina, S.Ganzey -Spatial Distribution Of Land Use/Land Cover Types in the Transboundary Geosystems of the South of the Russian Far East and North-East China 
  • -M.Kagatsume - Food & Resource Trade and Environmental Issues under the East-Asia Community Concept
  • -K.Kimoto, S. Arun Das - Conflicts over land in counter urbanized area in India
  • -Vinokurov Yu., Krasnoyarova B., Surazakova S. - Problems of Land Tenure in Altai Trans-boundary Regions 
  • -S. Haruyama, M. Murooka, Y. Masuda?W. Doxan, A. Kondo - Land Cover Change of the Middle Reaches of the Amur River and the Relationship with Geomorphologic Landform Series
  • -A.Lankin - Wood Cutting Load on Forest Stands in the Russian Far East and Northeastern China 
  • -Li Zehong - The Model and Application of Carrying Capacity of Relative Resource
  • -Kawahigashi M, Nagao S, Yoh M, Onishi T, Guangyu C, Xin C, Shamov V, Levshina S, Prokushkin A, Sumida H - Influence of land-use and land cover changes on iron oxides in boreal soils
  • -Takeo Onishi, Yoh Muneoki, Hideaki Shibata, Seiya Nagao, Masayuki Kawahigashi, V.V.Shamov - Numerical Experiment of Land Cover Conversion Effect on Dissolved Iron Productivity of the Amur River Basin
  • -P.Sorokin - Principles of Coastal Zone Atlas Mappingfor the City of Vladivostok 
  • -T.Shiraiwa - The Amur-Okhotsk system or The “Giant” Fish-Breeding Forest connected by dissolved iron 
  • -V.Vyrkin, D.Kobylkin, Y.Ryzhov - Land Use and Exogenous Processes in the South of East Siberia 
  • -Baixing Yan, Xingyi Zhang, Xingtu Liu - Impact of Land Use Change on Soil Erosion in Northeast China 


EUGEO 2009 - abstracts



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