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Study plans

for students of bachelor's and master's study programmes

Bachelor and Master Study

Doctoral Study

Symbols listed in the study plans

SZ1, SZ2, ... parts of the state examination

TO1, TO2, ... - thematic areas of the given part of the state examination

Indications for individual subjects

[D] - length of the course in days per semester
[H] - scope of the course in hours per semester
[T] - scope of the course in weeks per semester
[+3D]  - extra teaching (in addition to the above), here 3 days per semester
P - the course has a prerequisite
K - the subject has a corequisite
Z - the subject has interchangeability
N - the subject has an incompatibility
O - the subject matter is repeatable
!! - the course is not taught in the academic year
ob rok - the course is taught every two years

Study plans by academic year of commencement of study

  • 2023/2024 (English study programmes on pages 271 - 291)
  • 2022/2023 (English study programmes on pages 269 - 284)
  • 2021/2022 (English study programmes on page 262)
  • 2020/2021 (English study programme on page 202)

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