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B/M/P Level = Study level (or study cycle) => Course suitable more for Bachelor / Master / PhD students

All courses in the list are guaranteed to be taught in English.

► The complete list of subjects taught at the Faculty of Science can be found also on the Student Information System (SIS).


SIS code Course Name Term               Dept.           Level
MZ330E010 Selected Chapters from Physical Geography and Geoecology ST 1/1 Ex PhG (3300) B+M
MZ330P125 Quaternary Palaeoenvironments ST 2/0 Ex PhG (3300) B+M
MZ330P128 Ice Sheets and Glaciers in the Warming World ST 2/0 Ex PhG (3300) B+M
MZ330P122 Forest Geography ST 2/0 Ex PhG (3300) B+M
MZ330E011 Hot topics in physical geography WT 1/1 Ex PhG (3300) B+M
MZ330P136 Remote Sensing in physical geography WT 2/1 C+Ex PhG (3300) B+M
MZ330P134 Flood Risk Management WT 2/0 Ex PhG (3300) B+M
MZ330P131 High-impact Weather Phenomena WT 2/0 Ex PhG (3300) B+M
MZ330P132 R and Python in Geosciences ST 0/2 C PhG (3300) B+M+P
MZ330P129 Natural Hazards and Risks ST 2/1 C+Ex PhG (3300)      M
MZ330P35 Modelling of hydrological processes WT 1/2 C+Ex PhG (3300)      M
Urban Regulations and Political Memory: Towards understanding Spatio-Temporal aspects of Urban Development WT ++) SG (3400) B+M
MZ340A04 Urban Health ST 1/2 Ex SG (3400) B+M
MZ340V10 Special Topics in Political Geography WT 2/0 C+Ex SG (3400) (B)+M
MZ340P731 Urban Social Geography:
Key Theoretical Approaches  
WT 2/1 C+Ex SG (3400)      M
MZ340P741 Urban Social Geography:
Contemporary Issues
ST 2/1 C+Ex SG (3400)      M
MZ340P451 Geography of the World Economy  ST 2/1 C+Ex SG (3400)      M
MZ340A03 Analysis, mapping and visualization of urban and regional development ST 1/2 C+Ex SG (3400)      M
MZ340E18 Cancer Epidemiology ST 2/0 Ex SG (3400)      M
MZ300E010 European Perspectives on Regional Development and Inovation Policies ST 2/0 Ex SG (3400) B+M+(P)
MZ340M22 Exploring contemporary migration trends: Diasporas, Refugees and Environmental migration WT 1/1 Ex SG (3400) (B)+M+(P)
MZ300E011 Human Geography Research of Czechia  I WT 1/1 Ex SG (3400) (B)+M+(P)
MZ300E012 Human Geography Research of Czechia  II ST 1/1 Ex SG (3400) (B)+M+(P)
MZ340K12 Heritage of Cultural Landscapes WT 1/1 C+Ex SG (3400) B+M+P
MZ340E15 Systematic reviews and meta-analysis ST 0/1 days C SG (3400)      M+P
MD360P58 Demographic change WT 1/1 Ex Dem (3600) (B)+M
MD360P92 Fundamentals of Demography WT 2/2 C+Ex Dem (3600) B+M
MD360P97 Social inequalities in health ST 0/1 Ex Dem (3600) B+M
MD360P96 Global population challenges ST 0/1 Ex Dem (3600) B+M+P
MD360E07 Demographic excursion ST 0/1 week C Dem (3600) B+M+P
MZ370G14 Open Source GIS WT 1/2 C Cart. (3700) B+M
MZ370G17 Processing of imaging radar data WT 2/2 C+Ex Cart. (3700) B+M
MZ370G18 3D Modelling and geovisualization WT 2/2 C+Ex Cart. (3700) B+M
MZ370G19 Processing of 3D point clouds ST 2/2 C Cart. (3700) B+M
MZ370G24 Machine Learning in Geosciences ST 2/2 C+Ex Cart. (3700) B+M
MZ370G20 Remote sensing of planets ST 1/1 C+Ex Cart. (3700) B+M
MZ300E007 Applied Geoinformatics ST 2/2 C+Ex Cart. (3700) B+M
MZ370P55 Land Use, Landscape and Society ST 2/0 Ex Cart. (3700) B+M+P
MZ370G16 Image and Laboratory Spectroscopy ST 2/2 C+Ex Cart. (3700)      M+P
MZ370G29 Advanced Earth Observation for Urban and Population Studies WT 1/2 C+Ex Cart. (3700)      M+P
MZ370G30 Advanced GIS and Database Techniques for Urban and Population Studies WT 0/2 C Cart. (3700)      M+P


Dept. = Department responsible for the course:
SG = Department of Social Geography and Regional Development (3400, SIS)
PhG = Department of Physical Geography and Geoecology (3300, SIS)
Cart. = Department of Cartography and Geoinformatics (3700, SIS)
Dem = Department of Demography and Geodemography (3600, SIS)

SIS = Student Information System

WT = Winter Term / Semester (October – February)
ST = Summer Term / Semester (February – June)

Hours per week: e.g. 1/1 = 1 lecture (45 minutes) + 1 exercise (45 minutes)
Ex = Exam,  C = Credit,  MC = Credit with classification

B/M/P Level = Study level (or study cycle) => Course suitable more for Bachelor / Master / PhD students

All courses in the list are guaranteed to be taught in English.

++) new 4EU+ Educational Project

Please note that MARKS can be given only for subjects finishing with an exam (Ex or C+Ex in the detail of the subject) !!!
Other subjects can only be evaluated with credit points!


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