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Maps and transportation

On-line maps and traffic information

The public transport in Prague is one of the best in the world, frequent, punctual and cheap for students! Prague's public transport system consists of the metro, trams, buses, ferries and the funicular to Petřín.


Fares pricelist for public transport in Prague: https://www.dpp.cz/en/fares/fare-pricelist#1-1

If you arrive before the Orientation days, you cannot buy coupons with student discounts, because you are not officially registered as a student at a Czech University. You can buy short-term tickets at ticket vending machines (inside all metro stations: https://www.dpp.cz/en/fares/list-of-points-of-sales , on surface transport stops) or in tobacconists or selected shops:

30 min  30 CZK
90 min  40 CZK
24 h120 CZK
72 h330 CZK

Please note that the ticket has to be validated (stamped by a machine) upon entering any means of transport (only the first time, no stamping on transfers needed). Keep the ticket until you exit the metro station since inspectors may check the tickets even after you have left the train! Tickets are valid for any means of transport (bus/tram/metro/train) in Prague for the selected time.

Every ticket or coupon is valid for a number of zones. The area of Prague is, for the purpose of the tariff and the fare, split into four tariff zones: P (has a double tariff value), 0, and B. All metro and tram stations are designated to the P zone. If you travel in zones P, 0 or B, you can use bus, tram, metro, trains without any concerns. If you travel to suburban areas (zones 1, 2, 3, 4 etc.), you have to pay attention to your ticket and to the zone the stop is in.

During your stay, it is the most favourable to buy coupons for long-term travel of students aged from 18 to 26. (If you are 26 or older, you are no longer entitled to a student discount in public transportation.)

  30 days  130 CZK
  90 days  360 CZK
365 days1280 CZK

How can you buy a long-term coupon for students? Firstly, you need an ISIC card issued by Charles University to prove that you are a student of a Czech university. Secondly, you need an Identifier, which is a carrier of an electronic ticket – it can be the Lítačka card, In Karta ČD or a contactless payment card or mobile application PID Lítačka (which you have to activate first) https://app.pidlitacka.cz/
You can receive Lítačka card immediately in Škodův palác, Jungmannova 35/29, Praha 1
(Mo and We  10 am – 6 pm;  Tue, Thu and Fri  8 am – 4 pm). You will need an identification card (ID, passport). Or you can buy it online and request it's sent by post. It usually lasts 14 days, max. 30 days. Third, you buy a long-term coupon in the mobile app or at any point of sale: https://www.dpp.cz/en/fares/list-of-points-of-sales , where you shall present the ISIC card and the Lítačka card.


The Prague metro system has 3 lines (green line A, yellow line B, red line C) with the transfer metro stations Muzeum (AC), Můstek (AB), and Florenc (BC). The metro operates daily between 5:00 and 24:00. Trains leave stations every 2–4 minutes during rush hours on working days, otherwise every 4–10 minutes.


There are several tram lines in Prague. Trams are divided into day-operating ones (5:00 – 24:00) and night-operating ones (24:00 – 4:30). There are 9 night-operating tram lines (91–99) with an interval of 30 minutes. The most important night stop is Lazarská, where all the trams meet and you can easily change from one to  another.


There are many bus lines in Prague. The interval between most buses is 5–15 min from Monday to Friday during rush hours. Night buses (901–916) operating 24:00 – 4:30 leave every 30 or 60 minutes depending on the line number.
Regional buses provide connection to the peripheral parts of Prague. Buses starting with the “X” letter are used in case of detours and emergencies.
Bus driver is not obliged to stop on every bus stop, some bus stops are request stops. If you wait on a request stop, you have to wave down the bus. If you are on the bus and you want to get off on a request stop, you have to press the red Stop button in the bus.


an inspiration for trips around the country:



A website by CzechTourism promoting tourist attractions in the Czech Republic, providing information, interactive brochures and maps, virtual tours, list of events and more.


A very popular map portal in the Czech Republic. It offers a route planner by car, public transport, bicycle, on foot, including hiking trails.


Maps and travel info for young people made by locals.



Prague Integrated Transport
(PID, Pražská integrovaná doprava)

PID mobile app, a convenient assistant for those who travel by public transport in Prague. You can download it here.
Or you can search for connections on the website.

IDOS (Public transport connection search)

Find the best connection (buses and trains), check the website or download the Google app or the Apple app (in English). You can use it also for Prague public transport.

Czech Railways

Trains are operated mostly by three companies in the Czech Republic.

Czech Railways (ČD, České dráhy) is the only operator covering the entire territory of the Czech Republic.

RegioJet is the second largest train operator connecting only larger towns, offering bus and flight tickets as well.

Leo Express has the most limited coverage.


Leo Express


Install the Rekola mobile app, find a pink bike and enjoy the city like a local. Ride anywhere, park in the designated area. Escape the crowds, discover outdoor and less touristic spots in Prague.

Prague Airport

Website of international "Václav Havel Airport" Prague (Letiště Václava Havla Praha – Ruzyně).

Campus Maps

– detailed maps of the buildings in Campus Albertov, including plans of each floor



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