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Students' common room

Equipment and electronics

Equipment to borrow

Do you need some equipment for field trip or experiment?

Check this list of electronics, field work equipment, garden tools and other stuff. For temporary loan only. For borrowing, please contact someone from contact list.


Unused electronics

Do you need SSD, computer, monitor or other electronics?

Check this list of unused equipment before you buy something new. It is for free. It has to stay at Benátská 2. If you are interested in something, please send email to vaclav.sulc@natur.cuni.cz.


Self-service IT storage

Do you need some cables? You can visit the storage next to the laboratory of cytometry and common room on the first floor. Keyboards, mouses and ethernet switches are available too. You can take whatever you need. All the stuff should stay at Benátská 2.

Students' common room

Where: ground floor, the end of the corridor (nextdoor from the vascular plants classroom), door no. 27

Managers: Blanka Kuklíková

  • found in: inžovna (door no. 28a, in the back room)

For whom: every student at the department of botany who is interested in staying / working / studying here.


The student office / common room is available to all students at the department of botany. Currently, the room serves mainly as a general meeting ground, do not expect an office for silent and calm work. If you need such space, contact the managers.

You can find useful supplies in the common room: coffee, tea and sugar, dishes, etc. You can store your own supplies into an empty and signed drawer. You can get your own key in inžovna from the manager of geobotany labs.



For the happiness of all users and mental health of the manager, please follow these rules:

1. Drawers in the common room as well as in the labs must be legibly signed (preferably by stickers). Please clear unused drawers for new students.

ATTENTION! Unlabelled drawers will be emptied approximately once a year and its contents will be given to general use!

2. Do not forget to label your stuff in the shared space (e.g. fridge). Unlabelled things are intended to be for common use. Do not hesitate and use them. Also sign your food in the fridges and other your stuff which you do not want to share. Also please respect signed belongings of other students.

3. Do not forget to switch off the computer every time you leave it, not only in the evening. They often run not only overnight but over the whole weekend. Does not apply for the printers!

4. Clean after yourselves! If you cook in the kitchen, do not leave the pots to soak for a week. There is a number of boxes and jars in the cabinet above the sink you can use to store your meals. Don't leave it on the cooker and don't put the pots to the fridge! After washing, put the dishes where they belong. Broken glass goes to a bin with a sign GLASS.

5. Please, do not take our dishes and cutlery to other rooms!

6. Take into account you are in the vicinity of a chemical lab. Familiarize yourself with the Safety rules (on the wall in the labs) and confirm it with a signature.

7. Samples do not belong to the fridges in the office! Store your samples in the fridge in the lab S 17.



Computers and other equipment are available to all users.



Plus (inžovna)

Very powerfull computer, suitable for complex computations, GIS, graphical stuff and other special software. Windows 10.

Basic (common room, right under the bookcase)

Basic computer, suitable for surfing and common office work. Windows 10.

Internet (common room, left under the bookcase)

Basic computer, suitable for surfing and reading papers. Linux.


Printing and scanning

Colourful Brother (HL-L8250CDN)

In the common room, possible to print from all computers in the office. Also available to make it work in any other computer connected to the faculty network. Google Cloud Print allows to print from any computer online (contact B. Lepková if you are interested in this option).

Colour, auto 2-sided print.


Skener Epson (Perfection V600 PHOTO)

High quality scanning. Do not contaminate or damage! 

Reference library

The reference library is in the students’ common room. You can find a number of books here.

The list of books (divided into several basic categories) can be found here:


Books are under a lock and can be borrowed only after previous arrangements and against your signature. Books about paleoecology are deposited in Fotokomora (contact Alice Moravcová alice.moravcova@natur.cuni.cz).


We are also in possession of almost all issues of Preslia since 1952:



Offices for Ph.D. students and postdocs


Where: ground floor opposite from the stairs to the basement, door no. 23

Manager: Blanka Kuklíková

Who is sitting here (at least sometimes):

Hanka Chudáčková

Martin Adámek

Jana Duchoslavová

Barbora Lepková

Anna Větvičková

Adam Hrouda

Amanda Mateo Beneito

Eliška Petříková




Where: ground floor opposite from the stairs to the basement, door no. 24

Manager: Blanka Kuklíková

Who is sitting here:

Chonour Mahmoudi

Pavlína Stiblíková

Sayantika Banerjee

Sonia Kadyan

Tarun Bhatt

Yang Gang

Jakub Štenc


Ph.D. students office

Where: 1. floor, door no. 67

Manager: Jan Ptáček

Who is sitting here:

- Bartolic, Paolo
- Böhmová, Alžběta
- Hojka, Jakub
- İltaş, Ömer
- Macková, Lenka
- Nosková, Jana
- Pinc, Jan
- Pokorná, Adéla (seed collection)
- Ptáček, Jan
- Šemberová, Kristýna
- Urfusová, Romana

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