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Yearly reports on Ph.D. project progress

Reports that are submitted through SIS

The report is entered into SIS (after a call from the study department, usually in September).

The data that PhD students enter into SIS at the end of the academic year is used for several things:

(*) it is the basis for regular annual evaluation by the supervisor and then by the Ph.D. study board (this is the one that results in the letters A-C plus verbal feedback)

(*) Scholarships provided by the department to doctoral students in the 2-4th year. These are provided on a monthly basis. For 2nd year PhD students, they are primarily based on the evaluation of their studies after the first year (and publication activity), for 3rd and 4th year students on publication activity.


Therefore, please:

(*) fill in (preferably in a separate box - Type, Title, Details) the conferences you attended in the academic year, whether it was an active participation, and indicate the type (poster/lecture) and title of your presentation.

(*) Fill in (again preferably in a separate box) your publications , i.e. publications with DOI (they do not have to be with pages yet). Please give the full citation of the publication and - if SIS technically allows it - upload the publication file.

(*) Fill in (again, preferably in a separate box) your publications under review (either editorial or revision). Again, list all authors, the title of the publication, and the journal in which the review process is taking place. Again, upload the file

(*) Please also summarize your main activities on your PhD thesis (data collection, data processing, preparation of publications, participation in courses, etc.).


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