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Overview of our methods and projects that are being solved or were accomplished in our laboratory.

List of reserach projects:


Spatiotemporal patterns of fires in Šumava
Assessing drivers and spatio-temporal patterns of biomass burning in central European spruce- beech forests (BOBAFIRES) – GAČR 19-14271Y
Spruce forest disturbance
Holocene disturbance dynamics in European Picea abies (Norway spruce) forests: Implications for conservation and management (EUROPIA) - GAČR 16-06915S
Prior to the Neolithic...
Prior to the Neolithic: Contextual Analysis of Environmental Dynamics During Early Postglacial Transformation of Central Europe. GA ČR 13-08169S (2013-2017)
Quantitative vegetation reconstruction
Pollen-based land-cover reconstruction – model testing and its implications for Holocene environmental change studies GAČR GAP 504-12-0649 (2012–2015)
Origin of diversity of Central European landscapes
Origin of diversity of Central European landscapes: using recent pollen and vegetation models to reconstruct historical biodiversity changes GAČR 16-10100S (2016-2018)

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