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Research Themes

Environmental Geochemistry

  • Biogeochemical cycling of elements (with particular focus on metals and metalloids released from anthropogenic sources)
  • Interactions between environmental compartments (soil, water, atmosphere, biota, waste materials)
  • Isotope geochemistry and contamination tracers
  • Improvement of analytical procedures/techniques in environmental

Environmental Geochemistry Group  http://egg.natur.cuni.cz/               
Group Leader: Martin Mihaljevič (mihal@natur.cuni.cz)

Members: Vojtěch Ettler, Petr Drahota, Jakub Trubač, Maria Vaňková, Marek Tuhý, Marie Fayadová



  • Raman spectroscopy including field application of portable devices
  • Exobiology and distribution of biomarkers in rocks
  • Transformation of organic matter during geological processes
  • Geochemistry of organic matter and carbon

Exobiology Group  http://web.natur.cuni.cz/ugmnz/exo             
Group Leader: Jan Jehlička (jehlicka@natur.cuni.cz)
Members: Adam Culka, Filip Košek


Mineral Resources

  • Geology and genesis of ore deposits (especially gold deposits)
  • Ore deposits prospection and exploration
  • Fluid inclusions, paleofluids, hydrothermal geochemistry
  • Geology of industrial minerals and rocks (construction geomaterials)
  • Provenance, properties and durability of natural stone from cultural heritage objects

Contact: Jiří Zachariáš (zachar@natur.cuni.cz), Richard Přikryl (prikryl@natur.cuni.cz), Aneta Kuchařová (aneta.stastna@natur.cuni.cz)


Rock Geochemistry

  • Geochemistry of HPT mineral associations
  • Basic and ultramafic rocks
  • Isotope geochemistry and dating

Contact: Emil Jelínek (jelinek@natur.cuni.cz) in collaboration with Lukáš Ackermann, Geological Institute of CAS (Ackermann@gli.cas.cz)


Natural Radionuclides

  • Minerals of the natural radionuclides
  • Uranium in glass and glaze and its migration under natural conditions
  • Dating method for Quaternary profiles (230Th/234U and 210Pb)
  • Radon in water and radioactivity of mineral waters

Contact: Viktor Goliáš (wiki@natur.cuni.cz)


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