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New Wave 2013



5th Students’ Geographical Conference NEW WAVE

Where the Physical and Social Meet and Challenge Each Other

June 7th – 8th, 2013

Prague, Czechia


The conference is organized by Section of Geography, Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague, and by Czech Geographical Society.

Building on a tradition of quality papers and stimulating debates from previous years, New Wave will bring together graduate and post-graduate students in geography and related fields to share their research ideas and results, giving participants the opportunity to interact in a dynamic and open atmosphere.

Where the Physical and Social Meet and Challenge Each Other

Geography is a complex science, where physical and social realities are bound together. Both the physical and social is inevitably blended in various concepts of place, locality, landscape, region, space and time. Unfortunately, separation of knowledge in physical and human geography is still persistent. Geographers are becoming more specialized in their specific discipline, cooperation is often problematic, and rarely do we write articles together, nor meet at conferences. This conference is meant to bridge disparities and to seek not only connections between physical and human geography, but also among other scientific disciplines such as demography, ecology, sociology, humanities and more. Participants are encouraged to bring an interdisciplinary approach to their research.



June 7th 2013: Presentation of papers

The conference will be held at Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Science, Albertov 6.



Levá rýsovna




Official opening


Section language – English

Hána, David: Influence of the localization of deputies’ residences and the financial crisis on pork barrel in Czechia (2003-2012)

Kučera, Petr: Exploring networks of Facebook events

Wojnarova, Martina: ISRAEL- introduction of Israel from a various points of view. Landscape, cutural and religious landscape of Israel

Pitoňák, Michal: Claiming objectivity and/or subjectivity in our research under scrutiny


Coffee break, poster viewing


Section language – English, Czech

Urban, Aleš: Heat- and cold-stress effects on cardiovascular mortality and morbidity among urban and rural populations in the Czech Republic

Bednářová, Hana: General background of extraordinary municipal elections which took place since the last municipal elections in 2010

Kušniráková, Tereza: Vietnamese at home, Vietnamese abroad: how the Vietnamese perceive their country of ancestors according to the phase of migration

Svoboda, Peter: Flexibility and localization of the work as the field of study for Labor Geography: theories, concepts and approaches


Lunch, poster viewing


Poster presentation

13:40- 15:00

Section language – Czech

Brabec, Tomáš: Gated communities and postmodern city: the case study of Prague

Housková, Štěpánka: The textile and clothing industry in Czechia and the relevance of global production network research

Šifta, Miroslav: The formation of spatial identities in areas with intensively changed landscape: natural symbolism of the Karlovy Vary, Ústí nad Labem and Liberec regions

Svobodová, Hana: Resident's perception of public space in family housing neighbourhoods: a case study of villa and new-built suburbs in Prague, Czechia




June 8th 2013: Half-day fieldtrip: Consequences of the 2002 flood – flood risk, revitalization, gentrification in Karlín, Prague

The urban waterfront is an area where the interests of physical and social geographers meet. Flood risk management is a good example of an interdisciplinary approach. Join us, as we go to Karlín and explore a perfect example of urban regeneration triggered by the flood of 2002.


Contact: new.wave@natur.cuni.cz

Information at: www.natur.cuni.cz/geography/newwave

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