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4EU+ Alliance news: sustainability and enlargement

4EU+ Alliance was established in 2018 to create a fully integrated European University system by 2025. This year, the focus of 4EU+ was to find solutions for achieving sustainability of its educational projects. This news article summarises this year's developments, achievements, and future prospects.


New Rector of Charles University

This year started with the inauguration of professor Milena Králíčková to the position of Rector of Charles University, who was formerly 4EU+ Flagship 1 co-leader. Since 2018, she has been actively involved in 4EU+ activities and invested time and effort into its success. Please click the following link for more information: https://4euplus.eu/4EU-328.html


4th edition of 4EU+ mini-grants and involvement of the Geographical Institute

Charles University selected 22 projects to receive seed funding for research and research-based education activities. Among those, the Geographical Institute of Charles University is actively involved in the "Compatibility of Curricula in Geography and Geosciences" project. This project aims to enhance mobility and create options to strengthen cooperation in education, research and innovation.


New digital platforms

Two new digital platforms are on the way. The first one is the 4EU+ Student Portal, mainly intended for students to learn about mobility opportunities and joint educational offers, providing the necessary space to build a community of 4EU+ students and staff. Please click the following link for more information: https://4euplus.eu/4EU-365.html

The second one is a learning platform called uLMS (umbrella LMS). It will contain all 4EU+ courses in one place without additional administrative burden for teachers. It is currently still under development.


New Member

Since August 2022, the University of Geneva (UNIGE, Switzerland) has been a full member of the 4EU+ Alliance. Therefore, already existing teams within 4EU+ are encouraged to consider incorporating UNIGE partners into their new or already existing projects. Please click the following link for more information: https://4euplus.eu/4EU-389.html


New projects – 1CORE

One Comprehensive Research European University (1CORE) project of the 4EU+ is awarded funding in the Erasmus+ call for European University Alliances. It is a four years project that, as its name says, aims to build One Comprehensive European Research University. Please click the following link for more information:  https://4euplus.eu/4EU-386.html


4EU+ Newsletter

You can sign up for the mailing list to receive news about 4EU+ developments. Please click the following link for more information: https://4euplus.eu/4EU-188.html


Funding of new and sustainability of already existing projects

Blended Intensive Programmes (BIP)

BIP is a novelty of the Erasmus+ programme for 2021-2027 in the frame of KA131 (Mobility of Individuals). It allows higher education institutions to jointly develop blended mobility curricula and activities for students and academic and administrative staff. For more information, contact the faculty coordinator for employee mobility, Ing. Hedvika Lang Páleníková (hedvika.palenikova@natur.cuni.cz).

Please click the following links for more information:


https://www.natur.cuni.cz/fakulta/studium/studium-v-zahranici/erasmus/zamestnanci/doc/obecne-informace (Czech)

https://www.natur.cuni.cz/fakulta/studium/studium-v-zahranici/erasmus/zamestnanci/doc/staff-outgoing-mobilities (English)



Mini-grants are offered by Charles University and are seed funding for teams from the 4EU+ universities developing projects in the Flagships. So far, there have been four editions. There will also be the fifth edition, and the tentative deadline for the 2023 edition of research mini-grants and student mini-grants is 14th December 2022; however, this date is not yet fixed and official. Therefore, follow carefully the following websites where you can also learn more about the requirements and conditions for applying:



Other possibilities

Project holders and teams are motivated to use various funding schemes for different purposes. Also, asking for support from the 4EU+ Local Office for financial and administrative/technical/proposal development is encouraged.

Published: Oct 24, 2022 11:00 PM

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