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Confirmation of the student status, confirmation of completion of studies and transcript of exams in SIS with an electronic signature

In the module Summary of exam results, it is possible to obtain an electronic transcript of your exams with a registered electronic signature so you do not have to go to the Study Department in person.

In the mode Personal data and settings, tab Print confirmation, it is possible to obtain a confirmation of the student status with an electronic signature (as well as a confirmation of completion of studies and a confirmation of interruption of your studies).

If you need a confirmation in English, switch to the English version of SIS.

You can also send the confirmation electronically – for example to a bank or to a public institution. This is done either by e-mail or by a special form (if it is made possible by the third party). According to the existing legislation of the EU and of Czechia, such electronic confirmation should be accepted without any problems.

In case you need a hard copy of a confirmation, you have two possibilities. You can go to the Study Department or you can download the electronic version and have it printed and certified at CzechPoint (have a conversion from an electronic to a printed version). To CzechPoint, you can bring the file on a flash drive or you can upload it in advance to an online storage and bring only the identification information from the storage ( https://www.czechpoint.cz/uschovna/file/save ).


19. 2. 2024

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