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Practical Traineeships
for Recent Graduates

Thanks to the increased budget 2022,
students can go abroad for a graduation internship
within the Erasmus+ programme up to 6 months.

The Erasmus+ programme offers recent graduates the possibility of practical traineeships. The administration of this type of practical traineeship is carried out in cooperation with the European office of the Rectorate of Charles University, the Faculty and with the EDUCA consortium:

The qualification criteria for this type of mobility are the same as those for students' practical traineeships (the full text of the qualification conditions is here, in the Czech language only).

  • The minimum duration of the practical traineeship is 60 days – the duration of the graduate traineeship is counted towards the duration of the Erasmus stays that the student has already completed at the given level of study. The maximum duration of Erasmus stays at each study level is 12 months.
    Due to lack of finance, Educa International o.p.s. has to reduce the mobility period. The maximum length of internship is currently only 6 months and 0 days maximum. In the event of a lack of funds, this support may also be reduced.
  • All participants of the Erasmus+ Traineeships have to submit the ERAPO insurance: https://educaops.eu/en/insurance/
  • The traineeship corresponds to the student's field of study.
  • Number of hours worked per week: 40 hours.

At the foreign institution, you shall find a teacher/researcher who will be your supervisor/mentor. Both the sending and the receiving institutions have to confirm the preliminary content of the practical traineeship – it can include work in the laboratory, field research, collaboration within the project, etc. Self-study is not eligible content of the traineeship.

Receiving institution can be any public or private organization from the programme or the  partner country that is active in the labour market or in the field of education, vocational training, youth, research and innovation (companies, businesses, non-profit organizations, public and research institutions, now also Embassy or Consulate of the sending programme country).


The Faculty is in charge of selecting candidates and confirming of the content of the practical traineeship – the following procedure can therefore be applied.

A selection procedure is carried out at the departments/institutes – it is carried out by the Erasmus departmental/institutional coordinator, the applicant shall submit:

  • CV
  • cover letter
  • transcript of records
  • preliminary content of the practical traineeship
  • recommendation of the supervisor and language certificate(s), if any

The suitability of the applicant will be confirmed on the basis of the submitted documents by a three-member committee (the applicant may also be invited to an oral interview), then the Selection Procedure Protocol  (download here) is filled out and sent with the signature of the chairman of the committee to the faculty Erasmus office.

After the selection process, the successful applicant shall fill out the Application form  (download here) and the Learning Agreement for Traineeships  (download here).

The applicant prepares a Learning Agreement for Traineeships  on the basis of discussion with a foreign supervisor, a supervisor at the Faculty of Science, and the guarantor of their study programme. As a confirmation, the guarantor of the study programme at the Faculty of Science signs the application form ("Responsible person at the Sending Organisation").

More information for filling out the Learning Agreement:  For a graduate practical traineeship, no ECTS credits are awarded, nor are Transcript of Records given. The student-recent graduate shall take into consideration that if the receiving institution does not provide insurance coverage, it is their responsibility to take one out.

The Application form  and the Learning agreement  shall be brought/sent to the Faculty Erasmus office for confirmation. Then, the student delivers the documents to the European office of the Rectorate as well as the EDUCA consortium.

In the event of a large number of applicants, another round of selection may be conducted, therefore the student shall provide the CV and motivation letter to the European office of the Rectorate and the Educa consortium.

THE EUROPEAN OFFICE AND THE EDUCA CONSORTIUM MUST RECEIVE THE APPLICATION FORM  AND LEARNING AGREEMENT  BEFORE THE STUDENT´S GRADUATION AHEAD OF TIME!  (The student must be selected for the recent graduate traineeship while still being a student, and the signed Learning Agreement  must be submitted before the state final examination.)

Afterward, the student-recent graduate will handle the rest of the administrative steps with the European office of the Rectorate and the EDUCA consortium.



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