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SIS and Moodle

Student information system (SIS)

The video, which is a part of the CU adaptation course, will help you to deal with SIS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZohnCM6XC4&t;=1s&ab;_channel=UniverzitaKarlova

The essential tool to arrange your studies at CU is Student Information System (SIS). At the end of Orientation days, you will receive a login and password to the SIS together with your ISIC card. During the first days, when you try to log in, SIS may reply: "You have entered correct login data but you have no role for work". This notice appears because the Department of Student Affairs has not registered yet all the Erasmus students in the system. Be patient, please, and try it later.

In SIS, you can search for subjects (annotations, exam requirements, syllabus, …), and find the list of your courses and your schedule (usually published a few weeks before the start of the semester). You can also register for the term of the exam, display your results, and much more. The  same should be accessible through the Mobile app Karlovka.

The SIS also stores your personal data, which the Faculty uses to communicate with you. By law, you must give the University your current email address, so ensure your information in the SIS is complete and current. An incorrect address runs the risk that important emails will not be delivered and it is a violation of the law. You can manage your data and set your email address in SIS by clicking on the Personal data and settings icon —> Information —> Data change. Furthermore, by clicking on the Personal data and settings icon —> User options, you can manage other options – it is recommended to tick send notice if examinations results changed, send e-mail from the application, etc. to be informed about important study matters to your email address.



Moodle (FSc uses Moodle 2) is an e-learning platform, where teachers have their courses. The login and password to Moodle are the same as entering SIS. In Moodle, you can find presentations, additional study materials, discussions, upload your homework, take tests, etc.

You can freely enrol yourself in many courses, but to enter some of them, you need a key, which you should receive from the teacher at the beginning of the semester. While a course is freely accessible, it is recommended anyway to enrol in the course officially (by clicking on enrol button) in order to be classified as a course participant or to be able to hand in homework.

The best way to search your course in Moodle is to use the unique course code (e.g. MB150P83E).

In the event of technical difficulties, contact: moodle-help@ruk.cuni.cz.



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