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University Canteens
and Faculty Bistros

University Canteens

The Charles University Canteens (called "Menza" in Czech) in Prague are open every working day. Students of the Faculty of Science can use all the Charles University Canteens.


When you have your ISIC card, go to the cash desk in the canteen and top up some money (CZK) on your canteen account, which is a separate account from the printing or dorm account, SIS, etc. In most canteens, it is possible to pay by card or in cash.

At the same time, it is recommended to request your login and password to your canteen account – just ask a cashier. Don’t expect the cashier to speak English. Thereafter, you can log in on the Webkredit and check the menu for the week, and money on your account or you can order meals in advance. The same services offer an app MobilKredit 2 (Android) / MobilKredit 2 (iOs).


The canteens are spread around Prague either close to the dormitories or near the university’s buildings. There are 2 canteens in close proximity to the Faculty of Science: Menza Albertov and Menza Budeč.

Menza Albertov
Menza Albertov

(source: https://www.ukforum.cz/rubriky/aktuality/6943-tour-de-menza-albertov)

Opening hours

The opening hours are usually from 11 am to 2 pm every working day with some exceptions. Menza Albertov is open Monday to Thursday 10:45 am – 2:30 pm and on Friday 10:45 am – 2:00 pm. Menza Budeč has the same opening hours.

Menu and Ordering

Lunch usually consists of a soup ("polévka" in Czech) and a warm main meal ("hlavní jídlo" in Czech). You can take a dessert or a salad as well. Five main meals are offered as usual.

Once you enter the canteen, you can choose any remaining meal displayed on the big screen on the spot. However, if you want to be sure to get the most suitable meal for you and not to count on daily demand, order a meal in advance! You can order a meal always until 4 pm on the previous working day, but already 14 days ahead. If you decide to cancel your order, you have to call off your order until 4 pm on the day before the meal should be delivered. You have the possibility to order a meal online using Webkredit or using the app MobilKredit 2.

Typical Czech canteen foodTypical Czech canteen food
Typical Czech canteen food

(source: https://foursquare.com/v/menza-albertov/4b696fe3f964a5204ba22be3/photos)


The price of the meals is reduced for students. Usually, it is 60 – 110 CZK for a lunch, which includes soup, a main meal, and water. The meal is paid, when you place the ISIC card to the sensor at the issue counter.


Faculty Bistros

Please note that all the below-listed bistros take only cash.

Bistro Živina

Bistro Živina is located in Albertov 6, on the ground floor, behind the main stairs. They offer coffee, cakes, sandwiches, and daily meals, which you can find on their Facebook or Instagram.

Bistro Golda

Bistro Golda (room 048) is hidden in Hlavova 8, in the basement. When you enter the Hlavova 8 building, go down the stairs on left, turn left, and the first open door on your left is the bistro. They offer coffee, cakes, sandwiches, snacks, etc. for affordable prices for students.

Mrtvá ryba

"Mrtvá ryba" means Dead fish in Czech. It is a student’s pub located on the faculty campus (Benátská 4) near the Botanical garden. Students and also professors meet here. They offer beer, spirits, meals, soup, or snacks. The pub is open Monday to Thursday 11 am – 11 pm. To be updated on their menu, you can follow their Facebook.

Mrtvá ryba student’s pub
Mrtvá ryba student’s pub

(source: https://www.natur.cuni.cz/fakulta/o-fakulte/budovy-a-umisteni-fakulty/benatska-4-o-budove)


Microwave ovens and kettles

If you prefer to bring your own food from home, you can use these microwaves accessible to students at our faculty to heat your meal. You can also use kettles to make some tea/coffee.

  • Albertov 6 – 2nd floor, next to the lift: A microwave oven and a kettle
  • Benátská 2 – 1st mezzanine, near B12: A kettle
  • Hlavova 8 – in the basement, Chladič club: A partially functioning microwave oven
  • Viničná 7 – Biology Library, 1st floor: A microwave oven and a kettle + kitchens in rooms 237, 250, 318 and 336


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