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Competition for mobility of academics, doctoral students and post-doctoral students

These are short-term (one- to three-week) research, study and lecture visits, which the employees arrange in advance with their foreign partners.

A list of inter-university agreements can be found here. For more information contact here.

Who can apply to take part in an academic mobility competition:

a) scientific and teaching staff of all faculties of Charles University, incl. postdoctoral students (in regular employment with the Charles University, not freelancers),

b) PhD students in all faculties of Charles University.

The faculty of Charles University contributes to travel expenses according to internal rules, the host university contributes to the living expenses (ie. accommodation and per diems).

Faculty of science internal rules: contributions are provided by departments

Requirements for the application :

1) Academic Visitor Application (attached below)

2) an invitation letter on letterhead from a foreign partner showing consent to the purpose of the applicant's stay

3) justification for multiple stays (when applying for more than 2 trips per year to one country).

 The closing date for Faculty of Science is 12 December 2022

The nominations submitted by the Vice-Rector for International Relations and Mobility of Charles University are subject to an approval process at the level of the rectorate of the partner university. Nominations received are announced through the foreign departments of the faculties, usually during January/February 2023.

General selection criteria

  • mutually beneficial cooperation
  • perspective of long-term cooperation
  • support for junior scientists
  • new scientists and new disciplines
  • reciprocity

Obligations of mobility participants

1) to report the agreed term of stay one month in advance to the foreign department of the faculty and to the IRO CU (unless specified in the application or changed),

2) immediately report any cancellation of the stay to the foreign department of the faculty, so that IRO CU can offer the vacancy to other candidates,

3) complete the Foreign travel report form (attached below)within 14 days of return and submit it to the international office of the faculty signed by the head of the department, who will then forward it to IRO CU.

Published: Nov 09, 2022 10:55 AM

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