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Faculty promotional items for internal purposes

Allow us to inform you about the current offer of our Faculty’s promotional items and the conditions for purchasing them at internal prices (at cost). Promotional items can be gifted to prominent visitors and international university representatives, used as prizes in student competitions and as gifts in Faculty conferences, as part of presentations and for the recruitment of prospective students.


Internal sourcing uses no cash, i.e., funds are transferred from the order of the workplace that requests the quotation for the items.

The procedure for ordering Faculty promotional items is as follows:

The person in charge of the event for which the items are intended should send their request (RFQ) to Juraj Považan (juraj.povazan@natur.cuni.cz), including the date of the event, the specification and the number of the desired promotional items, the number of the order under which the promo items will be paid, and indication of whether the activity is core or ancillary.

Based on the RFQ, the PRD will generate a quotation and send it to the requesting party. Once the employee who made the request approves the quotation, the PRD will release the items internally and prepare them for handing over on the date agreed in advance. The internal release is recorded in an internal issue slip issued by the PRD, so you need not worry because the amount for the promotional items purchased will be deducted from your order automatically.


The items are sold at cost subject to the price list to be found below.

When the items are handed over at the PRD office, the receiving employee shall confirm acceptance by signing the internal issue slip and receive one copy of the slip.

A full list of the Faculty promo items, including prices at cost, is available HERE.

Of course, you can order just individual items such as ballpoint pens, individual note pads, brochures, etc. If the required quantity is in stock, we will be happy to provide the goods to you.

If you cannot choose anything from our current offer of promo items, we can help you in procuring specific items and material with your conference’s logo – thanks to frequent orders, we can get better prices from our suppliers. In cases such as this, it is advisable to contact the PRD at least six weeks in advance because of the supplier lead times. We will do our best to accommodate your requirements.

Your PRD team

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