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People in the group

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At present, the "Petrusek Group" consists of the following students focusing mostly on diversity and/or ecology of aquatic invertebrates:

Michaela Mojžišová (PhD student, 3rd year)

Project title: Reservoirs of the crayfish plague pathogen and its diversity

Magdalena Gajdošová (PhD student, 4th year)

Project title: Molecular ecology of macrozoobenthos at Central European biogeographic boundary: from evolutionary parasitology to community metabarcoding

Pavel Karel Bystřický (PhD student, 2nd year)

Project title: Spatial distribution and ecological interactions among lineages of the Gammarus fossarum species complex in Central Europe

Nataša Katanić (PhD student, 2nd year)

Project title: Diversity and host range of microsporidian parasites in crustacean hosts

Kateřina Plasová (MSc student, 2nd year)

Project title: Diurnal patterns of activity of the invasive spiny-cheek crayfish in selected lentic waters

Vojtěch Brož (BSc student, 3rd year)

Project title: Potential impacts of interspecific hybridization on genomic architecture of Daphnia


The following collaborators are former students of the Department of Ecology, whom I supervised or intensively collaborated with during their studies:

Denis Copilaş-Ciocianu (Nature Research Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania)

expert on evolution and ecology of amphipods, "founder" of the Gammarus cryptic diversity research at our department

Agata Mrugała (Humboldt fellow at the Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries, Berlin)

crayfish plague expert with substantial experience in experimental work with Aphanomyces astaci

Petr Jan Juračka (Department of Ecology, Charles University)

hydrobiologist with particular interest in zooplankton; photographer, influencer and media star

Ondřej Korábek (a Humboldt fellow at University of Hamburg)

            expert of systematics, evolution and postglacial dispersal of Helix and other large landsnails


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