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Laboratory of 3D Imaging and Analytical Methods


Our laboratory focuses on the analysis of shape of biological objects in the context of morphometry, biology and medicine. Our research is applicable in anthropology, orthodontics, plastic surgery and many other fields. To that end, the laboratory is equipped with surface scanners and software.

Morphological comparison of organisms, studies of variability of size and shape, norms and pathologies are hot topics in many biological and medicinal areas. Mere descriptive analysis no longer suffices and is quickly replaced by quantified results. Classic morphometry (biometry) is currently supplemented and in many studies surpassed by geometric morphometry. The use of modern imaging methods for the creation of 3D models allows for the building of virtual databases of structural and developmental defects, unique fossils, comparative sets or pathologies and their storage without degradation on computer media. Moreover, their use for further analyses is also possible.

The analysis of 3D models can be carried out using methods of both classic and geometric morphometry. The novel methodological approach allows for a detailed study of growth and development of skull, its shape- and size-related changes in temporal and geographical context, the tracking of skeletal deviations or intracranial relations in patients with craniofacial malformations, the reconstruction of facial soft tissues and a plethora of other topics. The study of morphology has many uses, for instance the objective evaluation of facial malformation treatment effects, the dependence of function on shape, such as speech defects in patients with cleft lip based on palatal shape. In addition to the above, there is tremendous use of our equipment in forensic anthropology and sociocultural anthropology, for instance in the studies of attractiveness and facial mimics, behavioral signs…

The tools of 3D imaging and analytical methods, including geometric morphometry are most often used in paleoanthropology and bioarchaeology. They contribute to the solutions in topics of macroevolutionary and microevolutionary changes, diachronic trends, biomechanics or to the evaluation of pathological changes in fossil or historical skeletal material.

In our laboratory, we handle both biomedicinal and forensic topics. We also focus on diachronic changes of selected skull sets from upper Paleolithic through early middle ages to recent identified collections or RTG images of current population. The studied phenomena also include stress effects (Harris lines, asymmetry, some pathological processes) on identified collections of postcranial skeletons. These and other indicators of stress have been used in a complex estimation of economic and social relations in a given population and historical period.

Research areas:

Bioarchaeology of Slavs from Mikulčice
Facial development in patients with craniofacial malformations
Forensic anthropology


3D surface scanners

Head of laboratory:

RNDr. Jana Velemínská, PhD.


Doc. Jaroslav Brůžek, CSc.
Mgr. Šárka Bejdová
Mgr. Veronika Cagáňová
Mgr. Ján Dupej

Doctoral students:

Mgr. Hana Brzobohatá, Mgr. Veronika Cagáňová, Mgr. Šárka Mesteková, Mgr. Jana Koudelová, Mgr. Pavla Zedníková Malá

Pregradual students:

Bc. Martina Čaplovičová, Bc. Magdaléna Černá, Bc. Lucie Čiháková, Bc. Martina Dadáková, Bc. Martina Drábková, Bc. Petra Fenclová, Bc. Eunika Hojdanová, Bc. Alexandra Ibrová, Bc. Anežka Kotěrová, Bc. Zuzana Švejcarová, Bc. Hana Tošovská


Doc. MUDr. Miroslav Peterka, Dr.Sc. (ÚEM AV ČR)
RNDr. Josef  Pelikán (MFF UK)
RNDr. Václav Krajíček (MFF UK)
MUDr. Jiří Borský (Fakultní nemocnice Královské Vinohrady)
Prof. MUDr. Tatjana Dostálová, Dr.Sc. (2. LF UK)
Mgr. Miriama Mydlová
Mgr. Simona Danková
Mgr. Eva Hoffmanová

Selected publications:

  • Stránská P, Velemínská J. 1999. Keltové a antropologie. In: Waldhauser J. (Ed)  Jak se kopou keltské hroby. Lidové noviny, Praha, s. 133-154.
  • Velemínský P, Likovský J, Trefný P, Dobisíková M, Velemínská J, Poláček L, Hanáková H. 2005.  Großmährisches Gräberfeld auf „Kostelisko“ im Suburbium des Mikulčicer Burgwalls. Demographie, Spuren nicht spezifischer Belastung physiologischen und physischen Charakters auf Skeletten, Gesundheitszustand. In: Poláček L. (Ed.) Studien zum Burgwall von Mikulčice, Band VI, Spisy AÚ AV ČR Brno, s. 539–633.
  • Velemínská J, Velemínský P, Bigoni L, Jantač M. 2008.  Craniometric analysis of the Great Moravian population from Mikulčice: X-ray films study. In: Velemínský P, Poláček L (Eds.) Studien zum Burgwall von Mikulčice, VIII, Spisy AÚ AV ČR Brno, 27:93–120.
  • Stránská P, Velemínský P, Velemínská J. 2008. The state of dentition in the Great Moravian population. In: Velemínský P, Poláček L. (Eds.) Studien zum Burgwall von Mikulčice, VIII, Spisy AÚ AV ČR Brno, 27:121–140.
  • Likovský J, Velemínský P, Poláček L, Velemínská J. 2008. Frequency of Fractures of the Locomotor Apparatus at the Burial Sites in the Area of the Castle in Mikulčice. In: Velemínský P, Poláček,L. (Eds.) Studien zum Burgwall von Mikulčice, VIII, Spisy AÚ AV ČR Brno, 27:235–264.
  • Velemínský P, Stránská P,  Dobisíková M, Velemínská J. 2008. Biological Diversity of Non-metric Traits in the Great Moravian Population – the Comparison of the Mikulčice Power Centre and its Hinterland. In: Velemínský P, Poláček L. (Eds.) Studien zum Burgwall von Mikulčice, VIII, Spisy AÚ AV ČR Brno, 27:265–304.
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  • Velemínská J, Brůžek J, Velemínský P, Bigoni L, Šefčáková A, Katina S. 2008. Variability of the Upper Palaeolithic skulls from Předmostí near Přerov (Czech Republic): craniometric comparison with recent human standards. HOMO 59:1–26.
  • Kujanová M, Bigoni L, Velemínská J, Velemínský P. 2008. Limb bones asymmetry and stress in medieval and recent populations of Central Europe. Int J Osteoarchaeol 18:476–491.
  • Velemínská J, Brůžek J. (Eds.) 2008. Early Modern Humans from Předmostí near Přerov. A new reading of old documentation. Academia, Praha.
  • Šmahel Z, Velemínská J, Trefný P, Müllerová Ž. 2009. Three-dimensional morphology of the palate in patients with bilateral complete cleft lip and palate at the stage of permanent dentition. Cleft Palate Craniofac J 46:399–408.
  • Bigoni L, Velemínská J, Brůžek J. 2010. Three-dimensional geometric morphometric analysis of cranio-facial sexual dimorphism in a Central European sample of known sex. HOMO 61:16–32.
  • Šefčáková A, Katina S, Veleminska J, Bruzek J, Veleminsky P, Thurzo M. 2011. Size factor as one of the problems in the sex estimation of skulls: Upper Palaeolithic sample from Predmosti (Czech Republic) as an example. Anthrop Anz 68:221–237.
  • Bejdová Š, Krajíček V, Peterka M, Trefný P, Velemínská J. 2012. Palatal shape and size variability in patients with bilateral complete cleft lip and palate using dense surface model construction and 3-D geometric morphometrics. J Cranio Maxill Surg 40:201–208.
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+ 6 papers in review (Trefný et al., Cagáňová et al., Koudelová et al. (2 manuskripty), Mydlová et al., Hoffmanová et al.)


  • GAUK  613012  Kostra pohybového aparátu: tvar, funkce a sociální struktura. Head researcher: Hana Brzobohatá.
  • GAUK  674812   Odhad věku trestní odpovědnosti podle morfologie obličeje: matematické modelování časových řad 3D faciálních modelů. Head researcher: Jana Špačková.

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