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Laboratory of microprobe analysis

Institute of Petrology and Structural Geology

Laboratory is equipped with electron probe microanalyzer (EPMA) with field emission gun (FEG) electron source JXA-8530F by Jeol. It is equipped by 5 wave dispersive spectrometers (WDS) allowing quantitative microanalysis of elements in range from Be to U. Furthermore it is equipped by secondary electron detector (SE), back-scattered electron detector (BSE), energy dispersive spectrometer (EDS), cathodoluminescence detector (CL) and integrated CL spectrometry system xCLent.




Booking information:

The link "Booking" leads to an application allowing to book dates at the EPMA laboratory. The system allows to book the whole day only. The analytical works take place from 9 AM to 5 PM, the time after 5 PM is supposed for analyses running in automatical mode. It is possible to book dates up to 4 weeks in advance. The nearest unblocked date is 5 days in advance. Bookings of earlier dates or specific requests (e.g. booking for a part of an day) should be arranged after contacting of an operator. After submitting of your booking, you will recieve an automatical confirmation. In the case of any changes, you will be contacted by an operator.

Price list:

Service Price CZK Price EUR Price USD
Working with EPMA (WDS, SE, BSE and CL imaging, CL spectrometry) 750 / hour 30 / hour 35 / hour
Time of an operator 250 / hour 10 / hour 12 / hour
Carbon coating 50 / pc 2 / pc 2 / pc

Note: 21% VAT is charged in case of works for other institutions

Laboratory address:

Institute of Petrology and Structural Geology
Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague
Albertov 6, 128 43 Praha 2
basement, door number S16

Contact person:

Mgr. Martin Racek, Ph.D.
e-mail: racek@natur.cuni.cz, upsgepma@gmail.com
tel. +420 22195 1437

RNDr. Radim Jedlička, Ph.D.
e-mail: radim.jedlicka@natur.cuni.cz, upsgepma@gmail.com
tel. +420 22195 2440

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