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Tomáš Fischer




Seismicity induced by fluids injection, Earthquake localization, Earthquake triggering, Earthquake swarms, Seismotectonics, Source studies of small earthquakes, Seismic data processing, Electromagnetic methods, Geothermal energy

Geophysical fields theory, Physics of the Earth, Geoelectric methods, Geothermal energy, Seismology

PhD students:
- Vojtěch Lávička
- Eva Káldy
- Ali Salama

Graduated PhD students
- Jan Michálek
- Martin Bachura
- Fernando Cesar Moura de Andrade
- Josef Vlček

- Petr Tábořík

- Earthquake swarms in West Bohemia - in collaboration with the Geophysical Institute, Czech Acad. Sciences
- Carbon dioxide monitoring in West Bohemia in frames of the CzechGeo project
- Project Eger of the International continental drilling program ICDP
- Project RINGEN for the research of deep geothermal energy

Selected papers - list


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