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Tomáš Fischer




Earthquake swarms, Seismicity induced by fluids injection, Earthquake localization, Earthquake triggering, , Seismotectonics, Source studies of small earthquakes, Seismic data processing, Electromagnetic methods, Geothermal energy

Geophysical fields theory, Physics of the Earth, Geoelectric methods, Geothermal energy, Seismology

PhD students:
Eva Káldy
- Ali Masihi
- Sourav Mandal

Graduated PhD students
- Jan Michálek
- Martin Bachura
- Fernando Cesar Moura de Andrade
- Josef Vlček

- Petr Tábořík

- Earthquake swarms in West Bohemia and Iceland - in collaboration with the Geophysical Institute, Czech Acad. Sciences
- Carbon dioxide monitoring in West Bohemia in frames of the CzechGeo project
- Project Eger of the International continental drilling program ICDP
- Project RINGEN for the research of deep geothermal energy

Selected papers - list


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