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Quo Vadis Chemie: Structurally Small, Antifouling Carbon Electrodes for the Detection of Dopamine

Department of Analytical Chemistry cordially invite you to Lecture „Structurally Small, Antifouling Carbon Electrodes for the Detection of Dopamine“ given by Prof. Danny Wong from Department of Molecular Sciences, Macquaire University, Australia. The lecture, under the patronage of dean of Faculty of Science prof.RNDr. Jiří Zima, CSc., takes place on 19th of September 2018 at 3 p.m. in the Library of the Department of Analytical Chemistry, Hlavova 8, Prague 2.

Published Sep 17, 2018

Quo Vadis Chemie: „Possibilities and Limitations of Diamond and Diamond-Like Materials in Electroanalytical Chemistry“

Department of Analytical Chemistry in cooperation with Czech Chemical Society cordially invite you to Lecture „Possibilities and Limitations of Diamond and Diamond-Like Materials in Electroanalytical Chemistry“ given by prof. Greg M. Swain, Michichan University, USA. The lecture takes place on 25th of September 2018 at 2 p.m. in auditorium CH2, Hlavova 8, Prague 2

Published Sep 17, 2018

Popular Science: Cancer “supercells” helped by iron to escape therapy?

It is the second most abundant metal on Earth and an important biogenic element. Adults of average height have about 3-4 grams of it in their body. Iron is not only needed to make hammers or cast tubes, it is also involved in many metabolic processes that makes it indispensable for cells. The putative role of iron in the development of cancer is addressed in an article published in Oncotarget as a result of the co-operation between the Czech Academy of Sciences and the Department of Genetics and Microbiology at the Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague.

Published Jul 30, 2018

Popular Science: Stories of Ukrainian migrants

They are the biggest group of foreigners in Czechia. But do we know their fates? Family and relationships with their homeland are factors that form the financial behaviour of the migrants. Eva Janská with colleagues from the Department of Social Geography and Regional Development and the Centre of Theoretical Studies of Charles University analysed the financial consequences of migration based on interviews.

Published Aug 13, 2018

Popular Science: The work of anthropologists in commercial archaeology

While excavating human remains in commercial archaeology, anthropologists are often limited by financial and time constraints and the collection of meaningful information is therefore rather difficult. That is why technologies and work methodology need to be quicker, cheaper and simpler and the collaboration between anthropologists, archaeologists and developers needs to be better to achieve maximal results. Erika Průchová from our faculty and her colleagues examined these field techniques and their effectiveness during the recent excavation of three cemeteries in Karlín, Prague.

Published Aug 06, 2018

Minisymposium of Biophysical Methods in Biocev

We would like to draw your attention to the Minisymposium of Biophysical Methods – Biomolecular interactions: Methods & Applications on Monday 24th of september 2018 at 9:00 a.m. in the Biocev, Průmyslová 595, Vestec. The lectures are open free of charge, please invite your students and colleagues!

Published Sep 13, 2018

Invasions versus reserves

The spatial protection of nature is a well-known way of protecting nature as a whole. But what is the role of reserves in the age of climate change and the impacts of invasive species? That was the question for an international group of scientists together with Petr Pyšek from the Department of Ecology of our Faculty.

Published Sep 10, 2018

Popular Science: Climate change and migration – case study from small islands – more complicated than we thought

Maldives are islands in the Indian Ocean, where the impacts of climate change are already obvious. The islands lie just a few meters above sea level and face an increasing ocean surface, coastal erosion, change in the monsoon pattern and related rain. How do local inhabitants react to these changes? It was an objective for an international team of scientists, which was led by Robert Stojanov, a former member of the Department of Social Geography and Regional Development of our faculty. Robert Stojanov currently works at the Migration Policy Centre in the European University Institute in Florence, Italy.

Published Aug 27, 2018

Conference "New Breeding Techniques - Hope for Agriculture and Food Chain"

Biotrin, z.s. invites you together with the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague to the conference "New Breeding Techniques - Hope for Agriculture and Food Chain", which will be held in Prague on the 13th September 2018. Registration is required due to limited room capacity, is FREE of charge and open until 31th August 2018

Published Aug 21, 2018

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