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Formation comprising at least one nanofibre layer and method of nanofibre layer production

Mosinger, J. (inventor from Faculty of Science)

WO2008000198; CZ 303243

http://patentscope.wipo.int/search/en/WO2008000198, http://spisy.upv.cz/Patents/FullDocuments/303/303243.pdf

Triterpenoid derivatives for treating tumor diseases and pharmaceutical composition in which the derivatives are comprised

Šarek, J. (inventor from Faculty of Science)

US20140066498, CZ 301158



Method of preparation and isolation of betulin diacetate from birch bark from paper mills and its optional processing to betulin

Šarek, J. (inventor from Faculty of Science)

CZ 301038


CA2673226A1, CA2673226C, EP2125860B1, US8093413, US20090318719, WO2008086759A2, WO2008086759A3


Method of preparation of a soluble formulation of water-insoluble pentacyclic and tetracyclic terpenoids, a soluble formulation of a pentacyclic or tetracyclic terpenoid and a pharmaceutical composition containing this soluble formulation.

Šarek, J. (inventor from Faculty of Science)

CZ 300722


US20090325919, CA2666437A1, CA2666437C, CA2762911A1, CA2762911C, EP2068882A2, US8653056, WO2008037226A2, WO2008037226A3, , JP2010204921 T


Ligands of Estrogen receptors and method of theeir preparation and pharmaceuticals comprising them

Kotora, M. (inventor from Faculty of Science)

CZ 300376


EP2274316A1, EP2274316B1, US8334280, US20110118225, WO2009135449A1


Assembly of mutually microscopically recognizable nanoparticles with golden surface for simultaneous triple immunomarking

Šloufová, I. (inventor from Faculty of Science)

CZ 21822 (Utility model)


Bidirectional trap for trapping migrating benthic aquatic animals

Petrusek, A. (inventor from Faculty of Science)

CZ 22677 (Utility model)


Production strain of Chlamydomonas cf. nivalis alga for the preparation of phosphatidylglycerol (PG), method of increasing PG amount in this production strain as well as the use of the production strain for industrial preparation of PG

Nedbalová, L. (inventor from Faculty of Science)

CZ 303645


Identification method of regelation cycles

Křížek, M. (inventor from Faculty of Science)

CZ 304120


Post-column derivatization by solid derivatization agent in HPCL

Coufal, P. (inventor from Faculty of Science)

CZ 845A3


Tubular electrolytic through-flow cell for electrochemical generation of volatile hydrides

Hraníček, J. (inventor from Faculty of Science)

CZ 22139 (Utility model)


Electrochemical measuring cell, system of electrochemical measuring cells and process for producing thereof

Zima, J., Barek, J. (inventors from Faculty of Science)

CZ 304176


Working electrode, coulometric detector and method of changing working material

Zima, J., Barek, J. (inventors from Faculty of Science)

CZ 304462


Oligopyrrole macrocycles substituted in meso positions with glycosylated steroids and process for preparing thereof

CZ 302046


Submersible strains Quambalaria sp. CCM 8372 and CCM 8373, mixture of naphthoquinone dyes produced thereby, method of their production and use

Černý, J., Císařová, I. (inventors from Faculty of Science)

CZ 304335



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