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Focus of the Department

Animal physiology is an integrated scientific discipline concerned with examining the phenomena, processes, functions and complicated regulatory mechanisms which are the functional foundation of various organisms of the animal kingdom, including human beings. In a comprehensive manner, physiology combines, processes and integrates knowledge from many other related scientific disciplines, making it one of the central fields of contemporary biomedicine. The Department of Physiology is accredited to teach physiology subjects within undergraduate and master’s study programs at the CU Faculty of Science and also teaches postgraduate doctoral students in biomedicine. In addition to teaching, the Department of Physiology is also involved in various areas of traditional and modern physiological research (more information under Science and Research).


The department’s activities may be summarized as follows:

  • teaching of basic physiology subjects in the undergraduate biology program
  • teaching of animal physiology in the master’s program
  • teaching of animal physiology in the doctoral program
  • scientific research examining physiological and pathophysiological phenomena taking place on the level of entire organisms as well as individual organs, tissues and cells. 

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