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Anthropological Library

Anthropological Library is closed since 1. 9. 2010. Documents are available via Biological Library (Viničná 7, 1st floor)






The Anthropological Library (ABD043) is one of smaller units of the Library of Biological Sciences; however, it is the only library in the Czech Republic, that specializes in the fields of anthropology and associated disciplines. The library collection offers various documents on general and physical anthropology, applied and clinical anthropology, comparative anatomy, forensics and criminological practice, medicine and medical jurisprudence, human genetics, anthropogenesis, paleoanthropology and historical anthropology, archeology, human history and prehistory, ethnical anthropology and ethnography, socio-cultural anthropology and demography.

Historical Book 6In 1911, at the time of the establishment of the Anthropological Institute at the Charles University in Prague (the institute was then a part of the Faculty of Philosophy), one of its founders, Professor Jindřich Matiegka (1862-1941), begun the systematic development of the library of anthropological documents. He was supported (both morally and financially) in this endeavour by the renowned American anthropologist of a Czech origin, Professor Aleš Hrdlička (1869-1943). After the foundation of the Faculty of Science (1920), the Anthropological Institute (as the Department of Anthropology and Demography) under the direction of Professor Matiegka become its integral part and the Anthropological Library was transferred to the Faculty administration as well. During next decades, its collection gradually increased due to purchases of new books and journals (published both nationally and worldwide) and donations from several eminent Czech anthropologists (e.g. Professor Jiří Malý, 1899-1950, Professor Vojtěch Fetter, 1905-1971). At present, the Anthropological Library collection contains more than 20,000 items including books, journals, printed or photocopied articles, disertation and theses (except books, all other types of documents cannot be borrowed outside the library and are for library room use only). The library is located on the ground floor of Viničná 7 building, at the premises of the Department of Anthropology (go to the back of the building along the main staircase, then turn to the right).


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