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Popular Science: How to score an invasion?

There are already several documents listing the one hundred worst alien species in Europe and aiming at raising awareness of the biological invasions and their possible impact. However, an international team, including Professor Petr Pyšek from the Department of Ecology of the Faculty of Science, decided to create a first list based on objective, precisely-defined criteria scoring the plant and animal species with respect to their real potential to cause ecological and socioeconomic damage in Europe.

Published Mar 26, 2019

New bachelor and master thesis topics

If you are looking for the topic of your bachelor or master thesis, and you are interested in polar ecology, stream ecology or microbiology, please, do not hesitate to contact Tyler Kohler at our department.

Published Feb 10, 2018

We have new journal covers!

Agama shot on the cover of Zoologischer Anzeiger illustrates the research of three department members - Jan Ehl, Jasna Vukić and Lukáš Kratochvíl. Shot of the elephants by Petr Pokorný comes on the cover of the Global Ecology and Biogeography illustrating paper by Antonín Macháč, C.H. Graham and David Storch.

Published Jan 02, 2018

Michal Šulc received the 3rd Marcin Antczak Award

The 3rd Marcin Antczak Award for the most inspiring ornithological paper published in 2016 in a peer-reviewed journal by young who originates from Poland, the Czech Republic or Slovakia goes to Dr Michal Šulc.

Published Oct 30, 2017

The enigma of terrestrial primary productivity

Review by Irena Šímová and David Storch won the first (2015) Ecography E4 award (The Ecography Award for Excellence in Ecology and Evolution). Paper tackle an important but highly challenging topic, the measurement and, estimation, and biogeographical role of terrestrial primary productivity (NPP) on a global scale. The review is thorough and in-depth in its coverage and remarkably successful in explaining complicated problems.

Published Jan 30, 2017

Looking for your snail...!

We would like to ask you for help with collecting live Burgundy (=Roman) snails (Helix pomatia) for our research project. We are trying to find out where the species originated, where it survived the climatic changes in the last hundreds of thousands years, from where it spread to various parts of Europe and how was its distribution influenced by human actions. Therefore we need a quite dense network of samples throughout large parts of Europe. For mutual comparison, we are seeking Helix from both human-influenced localities and more natural environments. We need for molecular analyses, most conveniently living individuals (which are easy to store and send).

Published Apr 22, 2014

Large Cladocera collection online

Prof. Vladimír Kořínek published online large database of cladoceran samples available in his collection. It is a great source of material for taxonomists & ecologists.

Published Feb 06, 2013

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