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Ongoing projects

The summary of research topics of the Department of Ecology will be gradually added here.

The list below is not complete yet; members of the Department are involved in research spanning a broader range of disciplines (see also the list of published papers).

Biological invasions

  • Distribution, ecology and negative impacts of alien crayfish species and crayfish plaque in Central Europe
  • Temperature characteristics and forecasts of pest invasions
  • Land snail communities of natural and plant-invaded alluvial ecosystems in the Czech Republic

Community ecology and autecology

  • Diversity and conservation of butterfly communities
  • Diversity and metacommunity ecology of crustaceans in small water bodies of the Kokořínsko Protected Landscape Area
  • Diversity, ecology and biogeography of diatom communities (Baccilariophyta) in the Antarctic region
  • Phytoplankton of Tatra lakes – determinants of species diversity and biomass of cyanobacteria and algae

Behavioral ecology

Evolutionary ecology

  • Interspecific hybridization of cladocerans of the Daphnia longispina complex and its ecological and evolutionary significance
  • Energy allocation in avian life histories
  • Ecology, biology and evolutionary ecology of symbiotic shrimps from the subfamily Pontoniinae
  • Evolution of reproductive and life strategies in lizards
  • Evolution of sex-determining mechanisms in squamate reptiles
  • Evolution of sexually dimorphic traits in lizards and their hormonal control


  • Null and neutral models of abundance, spatial distribution and diversity of organisms
  • Determinants of biodiversity: why there are more species in a more productive environment and in mountains?
  • Geographical variation in functional components of bird diversity


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