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CCF Culture Collection of Fungi


CCF List of fungal species

Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) for non-commercial use and MTA Annex No. 1

Atlases of microscopic fungi

Scientific staff of CCF

Technical staff of CCF

  • Mrs. Petra Seifertová
  • Mrs. Adéla Kovaříčková

Culture Collection of Fungi - basic information

  • Aims: The CCF serves as deposit of important fungal strains; CCF offer strains for teaching and research purposes.
  • Cultures: Mainly saprotrophic ascomycetes and zygomycetes (soil fungi, litter decomposers, insect associated fungi, endophytes, phytopathogens, food contamintants, clinical important fungi etc.).
  • Number of fungi: 3800 isolates; 2800 strains are available for public.
  • Maintenance methods: Freeze-drying, under mineral oil, agar slopes in refrigerator, alginate pellets.
  • History: The Culture Collection of Fungi was established in 1964-65 by Dr. Olga Fassatiová. In 1972 the CCF was admitted into the World Federation for Culture Collections (WFCC) under reg. No. 182. In 1985 the CCF entered into the European Culture Collections Organization (ECCO).
  • Current activities : Since 2006 the CCF is included into Czech National Programme of Protection of Genetic Resources of Economically Significant Microorganisms and Tiny Animals (NPPGR) under the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic.
  • Catalogue - The last CCF Catalogue of strains was published in 2003. Current list of strains can be sent on request.


Fungal strains offered free of charge under the "Czech National Programme" (c. 300 strains).

Charged services provided by CCF

  • Safe temporary deposition of cultures of microscopic fungi.

  • Supplying of strains  for teaching and research purposes. The cultures are distributed on agar slants or in lyophilized form.

  • Identification of pure and mixed cultures.

  • Isolation and identification of microscopic filamentous fungi from various substrata on an individual contract basis.

Please send your requests to the following address:

Culture Collection of Fungi (CCF)

Department of Botany

Faculty of Science

Charles University in Prague

Benátská 2

CZ - 128 01 Praha 2


e-mail: kubatova@natur.cuni.cz

fax: + 420 2 2195 1645

tel.: + 420 2 2195 1656

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