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She always steps in the same river

Surely everybody noticed that some of his friends (or even he himself) have a certain “type” when it comes to a choice of a romantic partner. Some men prefer blonds, others think that freckles are cute. Some women are attracted to muscles, others like bearded men. How does this observation stand up, however, when we look at it through the eyes of science? And is there a difference between partners we have children with and our other long-term relationships? These are the questions asked by Zuzana Štěrbová, Petr Tureček and Karel Kleisner of the Human Ethology research group, Faculty of Science of Charles University.

Published Jun 24, 2019

Popular Science: Farmers´ markets in Czechia – unique or just a copy?

Between 2009 and 2011, Prague experienced a huge increase in the number of farmers´ markets: from zero to forty-one in the summer of 2011. This phenomenon, which is well-known from the most developed countries, had arrived in Czechia. The question, however, remains: are the Czech markets the same as the markets in the “West”? An assessment of this phenomenon was carried out by Lucie Fendrychová from the Department of Social Geography and Regional Development together with Petr Jehlička.

Published Jun 17, 2019

Workshop by Sharon Finch: How to get your life-science, medical or pharma research project compatible for a potential future practical usage by a private company?

Start date Jun 18, 2019 - Jun 19, 2019

It is our pleasure to invite you to a unique workshop organised upon a recommendation by IOCB and other renowned academic and business. It will take place at Albertov on the 19th June 9am – 5pm. Finch will, through real case studies and from a company´s perspective, present to you how to combine everything and maximise both the research and application results.The workshop is aimed at Charles University research staff, PhD and last year pre-graduate students active in life-science (chemistry, biology), pharma and medical research fields. English will be the working language.Do not hesitate with your registration as the number of participants is limited. The workshop is free for employees and students of Charles University.

Published Jun 10, 2019

Popular Science: How can we analyse Hepatitis C virus variants?

The Hepatitis C virus, a cause of serious liver disease, infects more than 130 million people worldwide. The virus mutates rapidly and has a wide variety of genotypes, which complicates treatment. A team of scientists from the laboratory of Doctor Martin Pospíšek from Charles University invented a new method that could help describe the diverse variety of viruses present in patients.

Published Jun 10, 2019

Popular Science: Giant dragonflies and their way of life – reconstruction based on fossil findings

The maximum wingspan of dragonflies these days is about 19 cm, but in the Late Palaeozoic (approximately 300 Mya), the largest representatives of the Meganeuridae family had a wingspan of about 71 cm. They were thus the largest known insects ever and previously there were already some hypotheses, based on (unfortunately often incomplete) fossil findings and on comparisons with modern-day species, about how these flying colossuses lived. However, an international French-Czech-US team, together with Jakub Prokop and Martina Pecharová from the Department of Zoology of the Faculty of Science, showed that these speculations were not correct and proposed a more probable scenario.

Published May 27, 2019

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