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Tips and tricks

  1. If you are new to identifiers, we recommend you begin by creating a ResearcherID. When you do, you will automatically be offered the option to create an ORCID. Interconnecting the two is easy. Then, you can import your publications into your ResearcherID directly from WOS (Web of Science), and, making use of the interconnection, simultaneously send them to ORCID, as well. Finally, following the instructions above, you interconnect your Scopus profile (created automatically by Scopus after your first publication is indexed) with ORCID. The ORCID identifier then becomes a signpost leading to both your remaining identifier profiles.

  2. If your list of publications is extensive, you will need to add each page separately when you export them from WOS to ORCID, i.e., mark your records, add them, and only then move to another page. For this reason, you might want to increase the number of items displayed on the page (use the button in the bottom right-hand corner).

  3. When exporting from both databases into ORCID, duplications may occur (a single publication may be displayed twice in ORCID). In this case, you should delete one of the items — although both refer to the same publication, they are not matched or merged in ORCID. (Fortunately, duplications will be displayed one following the other.)

  4. Married authors who have changed their surnames may have two IDs in Scopus, one referring to their maiden name and the second to their new name. It is thus necessary to gradually interconnect these Scopus IDs. Married authors should indicate all variants of their current and former names in their WOS and ORCID IDs.

  5. Merging two Scopus Author ID profiles: Sometimes a single author has two (or even more) Scopus IDs. This may be the result of changing one's surname due to marriage or due to several variants of a name due to diacritics. You can merge your profiles using the following form on Scopus website:  https://www.scopus.com/feedback/author/home.uri#/ – button "+ Add name variant" located in the right-hand section of the form between the "+ Add affiliation" and "Start" buttons.



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