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OBD and UAI Relationship

Why do we need to set up unique personal identifiers when there is an OBD database at UK?

The OBD database is a university-wide application which maintains publication records. Among other things, it serves as an intermediary for submitting publications to the national RIV database. The RIV database is used to keep records of academic results for targeted funding, i.e., for projects and grants in the CR.

ORCID represents an easy global access point for information and authors. International project evaluators use ORCID and not individual national databases:

Also, an ORCID ID has increasingly been required by prestigious international journals. In the future, it will not be possible to send publication to these journals without it.

Authors import their work only into ORCID ID, ResearcherID, and Scopus Author ID profiles. There is no need to enter records manually.

What is OBD for then?

In addition to the opportunity to submit your publications to RIV, publications may be exported from OBD to ISP for the doctoral study program.

You may import OBD records into ORCID (instructions — only in czech language this time).

Further, OBD may serve as a personal database of your publications. It provides a number of export formats that may be imported into various citation managers or databases.



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