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Dean and Advisory Board

Prof. Jiří Zima
e-mail: dekan@natur.cuni.cz

Secretariat of the Dean ...

Advisory Board

Prof. Petr Horák
Vice-dean for Biology Departments and Biocev
e-mail: petr.horak@natur.cuni.cz

Prof. Ivan Němec
Vice-dean for Chemistry Departments
e-mail: ivan.nemec@natur.cuni.cz

Assoc. Prof. Martin Ouředníček
Vice-dean for Geography Departments
e-mail: martin.ourednicek@natur.cuni.cz

Prof. Jiří Žák
Vice-dean for Geology Institutes
e-mail: jiri.zak@natur.cuni.cz

Assoc. Prof. Pavel Chromý
Vice-dean for Student Affairs
e-mail: pavel.chromy@natur.cuni.cz

Assoc. Prof. Ing. Vladimír Krylov
Vice-dean for Science and Research
e-mail: vladimir.krylov@natur.cuni.cz

Prof. Jakub Langhammer
Vice-dean for Information technology and Public Relations
e-mail: jakub.langhammer@natur.cuni.cz

Assoc. Prof. Milada Teplá
Vice-dean for Student Affairs
e-mail: milada.tepla@natur.cuni.cz

Aleš Soukup
Vice-dean for Development and Foreign Relations
e-mail: ales.soukup@natur.cuni.cz

Ing. Karel Mozr
e-mail: karel.mozr@natur.cuni.cz

Radim Perlin
Head of the Academic Senate
e-mail: radim.perlin@natur.cuni.cz


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