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Bachelor's Degree Programme in Science links the natural science disciplines

Applications for the programme can be submitted until the end of February 2024. The new programme at Charles University combines physics, chemistry and biology.

Degree programme responds to the need to educate professionals with a strong interdisciplinary overlap in the field of natural sciences. The programme effectively links the three natural sciences (biology, chemistry and physics) and is currently the only one of its kind in the Czech Republic. The strong interdisciplinary overlap of Bachelor of Science graduates is key to their ability to tackle challenging research tasks and interdisciplinary projects using both traditional and modern approaches.

What I will learn

The implementation of the Natural Sciences programme is based on the principle of 2 + 1 years, where the first two years of study will be common to all students in the programme, while the third year will already be fully dedicated to the specialisation (biology, chemistry and physics) chosen by the student. During the first two years, students will acquire a solid foundation in mathematics, computer science, programming and soft skills (approximately ⅓ of the credits). The remaining credits (for the first two years of study) will be equally divided between biology, chemistry, and physics. After mastering the common core in the first two years of study, the student will choose one of the areas to fully pursue in the final year of study. Depending on the choice of focus in the third year of study, the student will thus acquire the knowledge in biology, chemistry or physics that will enable him/her to study in the relevant follow-up Master's programmes.

What are my options for further studies?

A graduate of the Natural Sciences programme (studyscience.eu) is well prepared for study in Master's degree programmes in biology, chemistry or physics (or other interdisciplinary degree programmes). Regardless of the major chosen for their subsequent master's or doctoral studies, upon graduation the graduate will be uniquely positioned to engage in challenging interdisciplinary problem solving outside of academia.

Where will I apply?

Graduates will find employment particularly in the emerging interdisciplinary fields involving not only biological, chemical, physical and mathematical issues, but also in the emerging areas of sustainability in all its forms (environmental, health, technological and therefore economic). Graduates can easily find employment in the commercial sphere (corporate research and development, consultancy, risk analysis, etc.). As the entire study is conducted in English, graduates will benefit from the language skills and the ability to communicate professionally in an international environment.

Entrance exam waiver options

The entrance examination will be waived at the applicant's request if the applicant provides electronic evidence of meeting one of the specified criteria.

The application must be submitted and processed through the University's electronic information system and must be submitted no later than  February 29th 2024.

The document must be in English, Czech or Slovak or be officially translated into one of these languages. The result of the International Advanced Placement Examinations is documented by a copy of the Student Score Report For Colleges and Universities and a certificate issued by the Centre for Talented Youth Prague.

Participation in the relevant round of the Olympiad is evidenced by a copy of the diploma or certificate of participation.


Published: Dec 08, 2022 11:35 AM

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