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Archive 2023

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Deadline for applications to the 4EU+ Urban Health Case Challenge 2023
Do you want to work in a multidisciplinary team and solve real urban challenges together with students from different universities across Europe? Then you still have the opportunity to apply for the 4EU+ Urban Health Case Challenge 2023 and represent Charles University in this exciting student competition! The challenge is open to Bachelor's, Master's and PhD students and the course is worth 3 ECTS. The deadline for applications is 15 October 2023.
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Danièle Rod: Polar and high altitude science: impacts and side-effects
You are cordially invited to a lecture by Danièle Rod, Director of the Swiss Polar Institute, on "Polar and high-altitude science: impacts and side-effects" on Wednesday 25 October 2023 at 9:50 am in Pravá rýsovna Hall in Albertov.
Seminar: Giant Impacts and the Formation of Ore Deposits
The Geology Section cordially invites all those interested to a seminar by Prof. Hartwig E. Frimmel, University of Wurzburg, on "Giant Impacts and the Formation of Ore Deposits", which will take place on Friday, 3 November 2023 at 1 p.m. at Albertov.
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celosekcni-seminar-frimmel obrazek.jpg
A protein that helps cells "eat themselves"
Scientists from the Department of Experimental Plant Biology at the Faculty of Science of Charles University have published the results of their research in the prestigious scientific journal Nature Plants, which brings new insights into the function of the ARP2/3 protein complex in plant cells. It turns out that plant cells can use this component in a very different way than animal cells - it is important for cellular recycling of peroxisomes.
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Unveiling a Novel Immune Response in the Intestinal Epithelium
Researchers from the Jan Dobeš laboratory have made a significant discovery uncovering a novel immune response in the intestinal epithelium. Furthermore, their study delineates a mechanism that controls this immune response. Their findings were recently published in the renowned Journal of Experimental Medicine in a paper authored by Tomáš Brabec and other members of Jan Dobeš's laboratory at the Faculty of Science, Charles University. The study was a collaborative effort involving scientists from Martin Schwarzer's and Dominik Filipp's laboratories at the Czech Academy of Sciences, as well as Jakub Abramson from the Weizmann Institute in Israel.
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Faculty of Science will address “Geohazards”
The Faculty of Science has succeeded in the call for proposals of the Programme Johannes Amos Comenius (OP JAK). The new project, under the leadership of Professor Vojtěch Ettler, will focus on natural and anthropogenic geohazards.
Two new ERC grants go to our faculty
Matyáš Fendrych and Zuzana Musilová succeeded in the European Research Council call and received an ERC Consolidator grant. Zuzana Musilová (Department of Zoology) will investigate the unique vision of the deep sea fishes. Matyáš Fendrych's project (Department of Experimental Plant Biology) will focus on the rapid auxin responses in plant morphogenesis.
Supply Chain Resilience Center at Charles University
With the participation of the Rector of Charles University and senior representatives of the Czech Republic and Taiwan, Charles University in cooperation with National Chengchi University in Taiwan launched a joint project and established the Supply Chain Resilience Center. The universities will jointly explore supply chain resilience in the semiconductor industry. The centre is part of the Taiwanese government's efforts to support the development of the semiconductor environment in the country and is 100% funded by the Taiwanese government. Four faculties of the Charles University, including experts on global production networks from the Research Centre of Economic Geography and Regional Development of the Charles University.
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logo supply chain resilience.jpg
The 2024 Martina Roeselová Memorial Fellowship grants have been awarded.
The 2024 Martina Roesel Memorial Fellowship Grants, which financially support young scientists caring for a preschooler, have been awarded. A total of 1.5 million crowns will be awarded to 10 young scientists, including Tereza Novotná Jaroměřská and Ali Masihi from our faculty. Congratulations!
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New Insights into Climate Response of Forest Ecosystems
New research has made significant strides in understanding how coniferous forest ecosystems may respond to climatic changes. The study investigates the relationship between tree-ring indices (TRI) and the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) in the context of climate, topography, and soil conditions. Corresponding author of the study is Dr. Mašek from the Department of Physical Geography and Geoecology, Faculty of Science, Charles University.
Ancient roots of phytohormone signalling
A new study on the plant signaling molecule, auxin, has been published in the prestigious journal Cell. The study was co-authored by Matyáš Fendrych and Shiv Mani Dubey from the Faculty of Science, Charles University.
The Faculty of Science expresses its sympathy to the victims of the attack and to all the survivors
The Faculty of Science shares the pain that the Faculty of Arts has been subjected. We express our sincere sympathy not only to our colleagues, but especially to all the loved ones of the victims of the tragedy.

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