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Solidarity of the Faculty of Science with Ukraine

This page collects information about events at the Faculty of Science of Charles University related to the situation in Ukraine.

Content of this page:  

Don't overlook.  The European Union Agency For Fundamental Rights, the EU's centre of expertise on human rights, has launched a survey on the experiences and views of all adults and children who left Ukraine and came to the EU to escape the war. We kindly ask those concerned to help this survey by filling in the questionnaire. The survey is open until 17 September 2022. Thank you in advance.

Lectures for Ukrainian students in the summer semester 2022 - form  (added to the website 13.4. 2022)

Admission of students from Ukraine to the Faculty of Science of Charles University (added to the website 24.3. 2022)

Vacancies for academics from Ukraine (added to the website 24.3. 2022, continuously updated)

New half-day class for 8 Ukrainian children (added to the website 17.3. 2022)

HELP FOR UKRAINE - New supplies (added to the website 15.3. 2022)

Resolution of the Task Force of the Faculty of Science, Charles of 8 March 2022 (added to the website 8.3. 2022)

Charity hockey match Přírodověda UK x Medici UK (added to the website 7.3. 2022)

Geography Mondays: the Russian war in Ukraine - causes, forms and consequences of the conflict (added to the website 4.3. 2022)

Collection "HELP FOR UKRAINE at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University" (added to the website 26.2. 2022)

Opinion of the Academic Senate on Russian aggression in Ukraine (added to the website 24. 2. 2022) 

Statement of the Faculty of Arts of Charles University on the situation in Ukraine  (added to the website 24. 2. 2022) 

The questionnare cover work, education, housing and healthcare, as well as language learning, integration and experiences of discrimination and racism. It will provide advice on fine-tuning further support based on its findings. The questionnaire in Ukrainian can be found here, in English here

Lectures for Ukrainian students in the summer semester 2022 - form

The form is intended for academics who offer their lectures for Ukrainian students of Ukrainian universities. The output of this questionnaire is a response to the call of the Conference of Rectors of Ukraine, who addressed European universities to open their lectures to students who cannot study at their universities. 

The form can be found HERE. 

Admission of students from Ukraine to the Faculty of Science of Charles University

Applications from UA students to study at the Faculty of Science of Charles University are handled by the Department of Foreign Affairs
Contact: foreigh@natur.cuni.cz,  tel: 221 951 160

Status of "Freemover" - short-term internship

The applicant must first fill in the registration form and prove that he/she is a student in Ukraine or fill in an affidavit.

REGISTRATION FORM: Freemover Ukraine


Vacancies for academics from Ukraine

A database of offers at the Faculty of Science for academic and scientific staff coming from Ukraine, ranging from junior research positions, assistant positions in research organisations, senior research positions to offers of PhD study opportunities can be found here:

Vacancies at the Faculty of Science

For more information, contact the person responsible for the position.

The Human Resources Division can help you get started, please contact:  monika.vernerova@natur.cuni.cz

The Rybička Kindergarten of the Faculty of Science of Charles University is opening a new half-day class for short-term placement of 8 Ukrainian children.

Classes are open Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, 8.30 a.m. - 12.30 p.m., starting 21 March 2022

The stay in the kindergarten is free for Ukrainian children.

Children need to have all vaccinations according to the current rules of the Czech Republic, vaccinations must be documented by a medical opinion of a pediatrician.

If you are interested in placing your child, please write to petra.cerna@natur.cuni.cz or phone 734 179 878 (also SMS, we will get back to you).

 For an application form and more information, please visit the nursery's website:



Дитячий садок Рибка (чеською Рибічка) при Факультеті природознавчих наук Карлового університету відкриває новий клас із заняттями на півдня для тимчасового прилаштуваня 8 українських дітей.

Заняття проходять в понеділок, вівторок і четвер з 8.30 до 12.30 години.

Для українських дітей перебування в садку безкоштовне.

Дітям необхідно зробити усі щеплення за діючими правилами Чеської Республіки. Щеплення мають бути підтверджені медичним висновком педіатра.

Якщо ви зацікавлені в розміщенні дитини в нашому садку, просимо написати нам на електронну адресу: petra.cerna@natur.cuni.cz або за телефоном: +420 734 179 878 (або можете надіслати СМС і ми зв’яжемося з вами).

Заяву та додаткову інформацію можна знайти на сайті нашого дитячого садка:


HELP FOR UKRAINE - New supplies

We are collecting basic equipment and basic necessities for Ukrainian refugees temporarily housed in the dormitories Větrník and Hostivař. What is needed?

Durable food

Canned food
Pasta, rice
Legumes, noodle soups...

Kitchen equipment

Pots, plates, cutlery
Electric kettles
If you have a fridge or other large el. appliances, please call Jakub Hrouda (773 023 415, hroudaja@natur.cuni.cz)


Shower gels, shampoos
Toothpastes, toothbrushes
Towels (in good condition, clean)
Cleaning products, washing powders



The Task Force of  the Faculty of Science, Charles University adopted the following resolution in a correspondence meeting on 8 March 2022:

In response to the development of the situation related to the war conflict in Ukraine, the Crisis Staff of the Faculty of Science of Charles University adopted the following resolution per rollam:

We do not accept collective guilt - The principles of collective guilt must not be applied on free academic ground. No student, employee, or applicant for admission shall be discriminated against on the basis of race, sex, religion, creed, or nationality. We must not allow attacks on anyone on campus because of frustration with the actions of national governments. The CS asks all students and faculty to be mutually considerate, patient, and understanding.

Stay tuned for updates and guidelines - the Faculty and University are taking steps to help students and staff who are directly affected by the war in Ukraine. Information and guidelines are posted on the University's website and on this page. 

We ask all students who may find themselves in a difficult situation:

Be available, the faculty needs your current contact details - the KS urges all students to update their personal details in the SIS, in particular: email address (@natur.cuni.cz), phone number, postal address for delivery in the Czech Republic and bank account number in a Czech bank.

Let us know about you - the Faculty has still not been able to contact by email or phone some students from Ukraine who may be in life-threatening situations. We would be grateful if you could send a message by any available means (e.g. studijni@natur.cuni.cz ) to let us know if you are OK, if you are staying in the Czech Republic or if you are in Ukraine. All students can already use the information published on https://ukrajine.cuni.cz/, or contact the Faculty's Study Department - studijni@natur.cuni.cz). If you need anything, please do not hesitate to write. Student advisors are also available to advise you - tutori@natur.cuni.cz

Psychological help - If needed, we recommend contacting the faculty psychologist 

 Scholarship in case of acute hardship- Students can apply for financial support in the form of a bursary. The scholarship is not awarded across the board. The application always goes through an individual assessment. The CS recommends that the application for a scholarship be consulted in advance with the Faculty's Student Affairs Office (dagmar.gondekova@natur.cuni.cz)

Have current events disrupted your studies? - Classes continue to be taught full-time and according to the timetable. 

The Task Fource encourages students who find themselves in a difficult life situation that interferes with their studies (fulfilling their study obligations) to inform the lecturer and the study officer.

The Task Fource recommends that teachers, where possible, adopt an individual approach to students who find themselves in a difficult living situation. 

The Task Foufce  asks the teachers to be accommodating to students who cannot attend full-time classes due to the war in Ukraine or volunteer activities in the Czech Republic. Teachers will not punish "responsible" students and their absence from class, only in ad hoc situations allow students who properly excuse themselves to fulfill their study obligations. 

The situation of students who get into trouble will be considered on an individual basis. Students may apply for an individual study plan or interruption of their studies. Early resolution of academic problems with the Office of Academic Affairs may facilitate students' progression to the next stage of their studies.

Restrictions on international cooperation - In accordance with the suspension of agreements between Charles University and Russian partner universities, the Faculty suspends all inter-faculty agreements with partner faculties of Russian universities and mobility to Russia and Belarus. However, this measure does not apply to students and staff already present.

Charity hockey match Přírodověda UK x Medici UK

UK faculty hockey teams will hold a benefit game to help people affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The hockey match will take place on 16 March at 20:00 at the Eden ice rink in Vršovice. During the match and the rich accompanying programme, visitors can take part in a public collection. The amount of the entire collection and the proceeds from the sale of small souvenirs and refreshments will be donated to the Memory of the Nation collection. 



Geography Mondays: the Russian war in Ukraine - causes, forms and consequences of the conflict

WHEN: Monday, March 7, 2022 from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m.
WHERE:  Albertov 6, Prague 2, Large Geological Auditorium

Invitation accepted:
Libor Jelen, Ph.D. - expert on Russia and the post-Soviet region, Department of Social Geography and Regional Development, Charles University.

PhD. Ing. Mgr. Mgr. Oldřich Bruža - expert on information tools in hybrid warfare

Link to watch the event online:

Collection "HELP FOR UKRAINE at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University"

The collection will take place in the lobbies of the buildings Albertov 6 and Viničná 7 from Monday 28 February 2022 - please leave your donations at these two collection points. Further information will be continuously updated.

As part of the Expedition Clubhouse and Embassy of Ukraine collections, we are collecting material aid for war refugees on the Polish or Slovak border, and for residents of Ukraine who remain on its territory.

What is needed?

Material for refugees at the border

  • Sleeping bags, mattresses, blankets, pillows, thermal blankets,...
  • Hygiene supplies - diapers, detergents, toothpaste, towels, pads,...
  • Headlamps, batteries, charged power banks,...
  • Raincoats
  • Grape sugar, chocolate (NO other food)
  • Clothes, so far NO

Medical supplies

  • Analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs (paracetamol, ibuprofen,...), other basic medicines (endiaron,...)
  • Bandages, gauze of various sizes, tourniquets
  • Disinfectants, gloves
  • Hydrogel bandages for burns

Military protective equipment

  • Class 3 and 4 ballistic helmets
  • bulletproof vests (preferably class 4)

The Ukrainian army also requires drones, in good technical condition and with a stabilized camera

If you bring aid in bags or boxes, write on them what they contain - there should be a marker and white tape somewhere. This will speed up sorting.



Contacts: Jakub Hrouda (organizer of the collection), hroudaja@natur.cuni.cz, 773 023 415, Mgr. Barbora Šejblová (Department of Building Management and Investment), barbora.sejblova@natur.cuni.cz, 775 563 827

Opinion of the Academic Senate on Russian aggression in Ukraine

The Board of the Academic Senate of the Faculty of Arts of Charles University discussed and after discussion with the members of the Academic Senate adopted a position on the invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops on 24 February 2022.

The Academic Senate of the Faculty of Science of Charles University strongly condemns Russia's aggression against Ukraine and fully supports Ukrainian students at the Faculty of Science of Charles University and the entire academic community.

RNDr. Radim Perlín, Ph.D., Chairman of the Academic Senate of the Faculty of Science of Charles University

Mgr. Radek Pileček, Vice-Chairman of the Academic Senate of the Faculty of Arts, Charles University

Prof. RNDr. Martin Kotora, Ph.D., Vice-Chairman of the Academic Senate of the Faculty of Arts, Charles University

Prague, 24 February 2022

Statement of the Faculty of Arts of Charles University on the situation in Ukraine

The management of the Faculty of Science of Charles University and the Board of the Academic Senate of the Faculty unequivocally stand behind the announcement of the Rector of Charles University of 24 February 2022, the text of which they fully identify with.

Statement of the Rector of Charles University: the Management of Charles University strongly condemns any form of aggression

As Rector, I, together with the management of Charles University, strongly condemn any form of aggression, especially such as that being undertaken right now by Putin's Russia. This is an extremely dangerous move that threatens the lives of the people of Europe - including many of my colleagues and students. It is a step that is taking the world backwards!

Once again, it shows how important it is to study, to think critically, to understand history and the complex world today. I call on academics, not only of our university but others, to strongly support a free and democratic society, and to say a clear no to war aggression.

Prof. Milena Králíčková, Rector of Charles University

24 February 2022, Prague


Published: Mar 08, 2022 02:05 PM

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