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Physical Geography and Geoecology

Characteristics of the field

The post-graduate study subject "Physical Geography" links up with the magister study subject of the same name. In its specializations, the post-graduate study subject covers the whole spectrum of physical geography:
a) It develops individual basic scientific disciplines studying partial subsystems of the landscape sphere:
Geomorphology and Palaeogeography of the Quaternary, Climatology and Meteorology, Hydrology, Biogeography, Pedogeography and Geoecology.
b) It is concerned with synthesis of the geographical environment, ensured by complex physical geography. Besides the relations between natural components of the geographical environment, it also covers interactions of physical-geographical and social-economic spheres.

Available lectures, courses and seminars

PhD. study of the scientific subject Physical Geography is  available at the Department of Physical Geography and Geoecology, Faculty of Science, Charles University. Lectures and seminars are chosen by post-graduate students after consultation  with their tutors according to their scientific orientation and  their personal choice from the list of lectures of the whole  faculty, or of other faculties of Charles University, and possibly of other universities. For the first two years of the  PhD. studies the so-called "Geographic seminar" organized at  the Department of Physical Geography and Geoecology is very important: the themes of the seminar change every term according  to the scientific specializations of invited specialists, and  that in the whole spectrum of physical geography at least twice  in each term of the seminar, all post-graduate students refer  in detail about the problems of their thesis.

Selection of topics studied

- Morphotectonic research on tectonically active regions in the  Czech Republic
- Research on the present-day geomorphological processes
- Risk geomorphological processes
- Detailed geomorphological research of significant localities  in the Czech Republic from the point of view of morphostructural stability
- Geomorphological analysis of the Otava River water resources
- Terrace systems of selected Czech rivers (for instance Ohře,  Sázava, Vltava)
- Development of research on river terraces and geomorphological development of Czech rivers since 1960
- Monitoring of alluvial regime and of changes of erosion conditions in the catchment area
- Evaluation of water quality and fluvial sediments in a model  catchment area
- Pleistocene glaciation of Central Europe - physical geographical aspects
- Modeling of water quality
- Limnologic research of Šumava lakes
- Research on wind conditions in the Czech Republic
- Climatic changes in Central Europe in the period of automatized monitoring
- Methods of determination of climatic seasons
- Mesoclimatologic and topoclimatologic research in the Czech  Republic
- Detailed regional classification of the relief of the Czech  Republic (1:100 000)
- Macro- and mesoclimatic regionalization of the Czech Republic  for evaluation purposes
- Landscape mapping and typology
- Present development of the Czech landscape
- Anthropogenous transformation of the natural environment.

Subject-area Board

The subject-area board is available in Czech (Oborová rada). The Chairman is highlighted.

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