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► Research Work Groups on "ORGCHEM"

Catalysis in Organic SynthesisProf. RNDr. Martin Kotora, CSc. 

Our research endeavors focus on several objectives. They encompass development of new methodologies based on the use of transition-metal compounds and their application syntheses of various compounds. Individual projects concern synthesis of new chiral Lewis bases for enantioselective processes, synthesis of natural and biologically active substances, synthesis of new ferrocene and carborane derivatives, Dewar benzene application in organic synthesis, and the C–C bond activation.

More information : http://orgchem.natur.cuni.cz/kotora/

Logo Bioorganic & Medical Chemistry of Nucleic AcidsProf. Ing. Michal Hocek, CSc., DSc. 

Joint laboratory of IOCB ASCR and Charles University.
Novel types of modified derivatives and analogues of nucleobases, nucleosides, nucleotides and nucleic acids are designed and prepared for applications in all areas of biomedicinal sciences (medicinal chemistry, biochemistry, chemical biology, bioanalysis etc.).

More information : https://hocek.group.uochb.cz/en ,

Logo Supramolecular ChemistryAssoc.Prof. RNDr. Jindřich Jindřich, CSc. 

Group of supramolecular chemistry focuses mainly on the development of new methods for synthesis of cyclodextrin derivatives and on utilization of these derivatives in areas like separation science, new materials or chemosensors.

More information : http://jindrich.org

Logo Research of Reaction MechanismsProf. Mgr. Jana Roithová, Ph.D.
Prof. Pavel Kočovský, DSc, FRSE 

Research program of the laboratory is focused on studying elementary steps in organic and organometallic reactions using mass spectrometry, ion spectroscopy and quantum chemistry. The aim is a deeper understanding of reaction mechanisms and formulation of new general concepts in organic and organometallic reactivity.

More information : http://www.orgchem.cz/roithova

Environmental and Nuclear ChemistryAssoc.Prof. Ing. Stanislav Smrček, CSc. 

The main objective of the research is the study of the fate of organic compounds in the environment and the possibilities of their removal using plant biotechnology (phytoremediation). The studied compounds are preferably from the group of pharmaceuticals and/or their metabolites, eventually organic chemicals from consumer chemistry products. The further investigations are focused to the synthesis of radioactively labeled compounds for metabolic experiments and radiopharmaceuticals.

More information : http://orgchem.natur.cuni.cz/node/30

Logo Asymetric SynthesisRNDr. Jan Veselý, Ph.D. 

Research program of our laboratory is focused on the development of new synthetic methods for the preparation of enantiomerically pure compounds from simple and readily available starting materials using catalysis by small organic molecules. Our aim is not only the development of new efficient methods but also their application for preparation of biologically active compounds.

More information : http://orgchem.cz/vesely

Logo Chemical Biology and BiocatalysisAssist. Prof. Jiří Míšek, Ph.D. 

The aim of our laboratory is to develop a fully synthetic platform for the discovery of novel functional miniproteins. The class of naturally occurring cysteine-rich miniproteins is structurally and functionally extremely diverse. Synthetic combinatorial libraries posses a great potential to explore the functional sequence space of the cysteine-rich miniproteins. The synthetic nature of the miniprotein libraries will enable to screen for unprecedented functions and promises to have a major impact in the development of new catalysts, molecular probes, biomarkers and therapeutics.

More information : http://orgchem.natur.cuni.cz/node/29

Synthesis & BioactivityAssist. Prof. Eliška Matoušová, Ph.D. 

Research interest of the group lies in the field of organic synthesis. Currently, we are studying methods for enantioselective preparation of quaternary carbon stereocentres with the expected application to the synthesis of biologically active natural products and their derivatives.

More information : http://orgchem.natur.cuni.cz/node/35,



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