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Instructions for installation and activation of the Mestrenova / NMR Programme

There are new licence files for Mestrenova (due to change of licence server).
It is necessary to replace old files by new ones.

There are available licences for the Mestrenova programme on the chemical department. This programme is suitable for displaying and processing of NMR spectra. The highest version number you can use is 14.1.1.



The special licence server is running at the chemistry department for licensing the Mestrenova programme. The licence is assigned for 90 days. The necessary condition for activating/reactivating of your license is connecting your computer (by cable) to the local network at the chemistry building (Hlavova 8). After that you can use the programme (for 90 days) even outside the building (or abroad). It is recommended contact us before longer trip, if you suppose using of the Mestrenova programme.


  1. Download the current licence files Mestrenova_Licenses.zip
    (You should log-in to be able download them.)
  2. Download the valid installation file (be sure the version number not to be higher than 14.1.1) for your respective operating system (Windows 64/32 bit, Apple, Linux) from the Mestrenova website
  3. Run the respective file (e.g. MestReNova-14.1.1-25024_x64.msi), choose your settings (e.g. installation path) and finish installation process.
  4. Extract the Mestrenova_Licenses.zip archive into the Mestrenova directory (e.g. "C:\Programy\MestreNova\").
  5. Run the Mestrenova programme and check functionality.
  6. In the menu entry "Edit" choose item "Advanced Plug-ins" and tick all the respective pluggins.

Trial version:

If you want just try the programme or if you have problems with the programme activation, you can use the trial version of the programme, for 45 days. You can click on the "Evaluate" button (located on the second welcome screen). After that you will be redirected to this registration form: https://mestrelab.com/evaluate/single/

If you have any question, you can contact the licence administrator, who is RNDr. Vladimír Zbranek, email zbranek@natur.cuni.cz
We recommend contact him before long trip as well (if you suppose using of the Mestrenova programme).



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