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Our Department offers not only undergraduate studies but also master´s degree studies in the field of Zoology. Students who have chose for this field of science have to select their specialization. Our Department offers five of them. Details of individual branches and curricula are in the brochure Karolinka

and on the internet pages of the Department.

Each specialization has its curriculum, its study guide and seminars. Choice of the specialization is usually (but not necessarily) connected with the chosen subject of the thesis. But there are also some alternatives. (For example, a student who intends to write a thesis on ecology of birds using genetic methods can specialize in Ecology and etiology or Zoology of vertebrae or Genetics of wild animals. The choice depends on what interests him most: to deepen his knowledge either on ecology and etiology or groups of vertebrates or genetic methods in zoology.) Therefore it is important to pay attention to the requirements of each specialization. He can seek advice from the thesis adviser, the Be thesis tutor or any other member of the Department.

After reaching your decision you should contact the study guide of the chosen specialization who will inform you about the conditions of your study (for example whether you need to have a thesis adviser or have to undergo an entrance examination./  The conditions of individual specializations may differ.

Your questions should be addressed first to your tutor and in case of doubts study guides of the specializations. In some case they could be answered by the study guides of the specialization.

Master´s degree is concluded by State examination in three subjects. The first subject is shared by all specializations: Comparative and systematic zoology. (Therefore the students of all specializations will attend the same lectures of the modules during undergraduate studies.) The second subject is connected to the chosen specialization (for example zoology of invertebrates, entomology or zoology of vertebrates, ecology and etiology or genetics of wild animals). The third subject is optional (for example evolutionary biology). The choice of the subject should be consulted with your tutor or the study guide of the specialization.

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