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Gunther Kletetschka



RNDr. Gunther Kletetschka, Ph.D.

Tel.:  (+420) 22195 1963

Institute of Hydrogeology, Engineering Geology and Applied Geophysics
Albertov 6
128 43 Praha 2

Basement, room no. S09


planetary science, meteorites, astrogeology, geology, planetary geology, geophysics, magnetic properties, magnetic field, measurements, solar system, micro fabrication, micro-machining, materials, climatology, orbital mechanics, lakes, spacecraft, geochemistry, astronomy and astrophysics, photolithography, solar activity, space exploration, rocks, petrology, mineral magnetism, impacts


Physics of the Earth, Satellite Magnetometry, Unusual Methods in Geology and Geophysics

Consultation hours fixed: Mo 9:00–11:00

or on individual basis: anytime Mo – Fr

PhD students

  • Jolana Hruba
  • Radana Kavkova
  • Marian Takac
  • Lucie Smrcinova
  • Robert Bazala
  • Hakan Ucar
  • Kurosh Karimi
  • Iqbal Zahid

MS students

  • none



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