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Professional articles:

HÁNA, D., JELEN, L., SEIDLOVÁ, A., VOGT, D. (2022): Political-geographical topics in the Czech grammar school curriculum. Is geography an outsider or a winner of political education? Informace ČGS, 41, 1, 15-26.

JELEN, L., DOSTÁL, P. (2017): Phantom borders – historical conditions of political and socio-economic cleavages of contemporary Ukraine. International Relations, 3, 70-89.

DOSTÁL, P., JELEN, L. (2015): De-Russianisation of the Western Post-Soviet Space: Between the Thick and Thin Nationalising Processes. Geopolitics, 20/4, 757-792.

JELEN, L. (2014): Spatial analysis of ethnopolitical mobilization in the Caucasus in the 1980s and 1990s. Bulletin of Geography. Socio-economic Series, 25, 115-128.

JELEN, L. (2011): The use of statistical methods in political geography: a case study - ethnopolitical mobilization in the Caucasus. Acta Facultatis Studiorum Humanitatis Et Naturae Universitatis Prešoviensis, Natural Sciences, Folia Geographica 17, 121–138.

JELEN, L. (2009): Changes in ethnic structure in the Caucasus region since the late 1980s: a primary statistical analysis. Geografie – Sborník ČGS, 114/2, 130–144.


Professional-popularization and other articles:

JELEN, L. (2022): The war in Ukraine – the collapse of the Russian giant? Geografické rozhledy, 32, 1, 4-7.

JELEN, L. (2022): Russian military aggression in Ukraine and its geopolitical and cultural aspects. Geografické rozhledy, 31, 4, 34-35.

JELEN, L. (2022): Catalysts of ethnopolitical mobilization. Přírodovědci, 3/2022, 22-23.

JELEN, L. (2021): Equilibrium in international politics. Přírodovědci, 1/2021, 16-17.

JELEN, L. (2016): Syria – the main source area of the refugee crisis. Geografické rozhledy, 25, 3, 5-7.

JELEN, L. (2016): Unstable Ukraine: cultural, economic and political interfaces. Geografické rozhledy, 25, 3, 11-13.

JELEN, L., KABRDA, J. (2013): De facto states – invisible islands on the political map. Geografické rozhledy, 22, 4, 28–30.

JELEN, L. (2013): Russia – a giant on clay feet. Geografické rozhledy, 23, 2, 10–11.

JELEN, L., KABRDA, J. (2011): Global drug trade and drug wars - a case study of Mexico. Geografické rozhledy, 20, 4, 6–7.

JELEN, L., KABRDA, J. (2011): Conflicts in Africa - a brief analysis of five examples. Geografické rozhledy, 20, 4, 12–15.

JELEN, L. (2011): Elections in Northern Ireland - the divide persists. Mezinárodní politika, 23, 9, ÚMV, Prague, 25–28.

JELEN, L. (2010): Caucasian political instability from a historical perspective. Geografické rozhledy, 19, 5, 6-8.

Chapters and monographs:

JELEN, L. (2021): Conflict regions of the world - Europe. Nakladatelství ČGS, Prague. 128 p.

JELEN, L. (2020): The European migration crisis and the status of immigrant children in educational systems. In: Gristy, C., Hargreaves, L., Kučerová, S.R.: Educational Research and Schooling in Rural Europe: An Engagement with Changing Patterns of Education, Space, and Place. Information Age Publishing, Charlotte, USA. 357-367.

JELEN, L., DOSTÁL, P. (2018): Environmental policy in the conditions of economic and political transformation of Central and Eastern European countries. In: Raška, P., Dostál, P., Siwek, T. et al.: Mitigation of flood risks as a social practice. Wolters Kluwer CR, Prague, 57-79.

KOPEČEK, V., JELEN, L. (2015): South Caucasus - from tradition to modernity under the influence of Russian colonialism. In: Tumis, S., Nikl, H (eds.): Precolonialism, Colonialism and Postcolonialism: Empires and Others in Eastern and Southeastern Europe. Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague, 143-162.

Other publications

ŘEZNÍČKOVÁ, D., PAVELKKOVÁ, L. (eds.) (2021): Methodology of teaching political geography in general education (2021). Department of Social Geography and Regional Development, Faculty of Science, Charles University, Prague. Certified by the National Pedagogical Institute of the Czech Republic on 19 November 2021 under reference number NPICR-182/2021/32-12).

HÁNA, D., SEIDLOVÁ, A, JELEN, L. (et al.) (2021): A set of specialized maps for secondary schools. Department of Social Geography and Regional Development, Faculty of Science, Charles University, Prague.

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