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Popular Science: Do birds in our forests fare well or not?

One of the factors responsible for decline in biodiversity is land-use change, which is a result of major socioeconomic changes associated with the advancement of human society. And what about forest management? Does it influence species abundance? And how? These and other questions were studied by an international team of scientists. Jiří Reif from the Institute of Environmental Studies and his colleagues were especially interested in associations between environmental changes, forest management and forest bird abundance.

Published Sep 08, 2019

Popular Science: Judging people by their dustbins

Perhaps everyone has some experience with shopping. Just like shopping carts differ, so does the content of the dustbins. Although Czechia occupies top places in waste sorting at present, lots of things must still be improved in waste generation. The knowledge of the population’s differing patterns of behaviour may provide a vital help in this sphere. Researchers from the Department of demography and geodemography Kristýna Rybová, Boris Burcin and Tomáš Kučera, in cooperation with another three scientific centres in Czechia, focused on the research into socio-demographic factors and their influence on waste generation.

Published Aug 19, 2019

Popular Science: Czechs not willing to pay extra for water cleaned of pharmaceuticals

Thanks to the rapid development of analytical laboratory methods, we can now detect the presence of trace concentrations of pharmaceuticals and personal care products in water. The wastewater treatment plants currently in use are, however, often not equipped to completely remove these substances. Zbyněk Hrkal and other scientists from the T. G. Masaryk Water Research Institute and the Charles University Faculty of Science investigated how much Czechs are willing to pay for cleaner water.

Published Aug 07, 2019

Popular Science: Is it possible to save the water from the micropollutants?

Not long ago, they were not known and even today there is still a lack of information about the potentially negative effects of all groups of “micropollutants”. At present, however, together with pesticides, they pose the most significant threat to drinking water quality. What substances do we actually drink and is it possible to remove them? A team of researchers from the T. G. Masaryk Water Research Institute, p. r. i. together with Zbyněk Hrkal and David Rozman from the Institute of Hydrogeology, Engineering Geology and Applied Geophysics of the Faculty of Science is dealing with the question.

Published Jul 29, 2019

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