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BIOCEV zoologists have mapped the spread of rodents from Asia to Europe. Genetic traces from the Ice Age helped them.

An international team led by Pavel Stopka from the Faculty of Science, Charles University at the BIOCEV Center discovered and described the spread of small mammals from Asia to its adjacent islands, as well as to Europe. Gene sequencing of hundreds of samples from striped field mice (Apodemus agrarius) helped reveal this animal’s evolutionary history. A study now published in the prestigious scientific journal Genes can help predict the migration of other rodents in the context of deforestation in Europe.

Published May 05, 2021

Popular Science: Unstable east of the Czech Republic

In extreme or prolonged rainfall events, the soil is saturated with water and the cohesion of the material decreasing, consequently these processes can cause very dangerous material movements on a slope, sometimes also called "debris flows". We hear about these phenomena mainly from foreign countries, but is occurrence of debris flows possible in our region? Experts in geomorphology led by Jana Smolíková and together with Vít Vilímek from the Department of Physical Geography and Geoecology, Faculty of Science, Charles University and other colleagues answered this question.

Published Apr 19, 2021

Lecture "Plankton photosymbiosis in the oceans"

Start date Apr 20, 2021

We would like to invite you to another lecture organized within the MICOBION Twinning project (H2020):"Plankton photosymbiosis in the oceans" by Fabrice Not, Director, Adaptation and Diversity in Marine Environment, CNRS & Sorbonne University. Lecture will take place on Tuesday, April 20th, 2021, starting at 4:40pm.

Published Apr 13, 2021

Seminar: Data management plan

Start date Apr 01, 2021

Let us invite you to an introductory seminar dedicated to the Management of Scientific Data. The information presented will be focused at our faculty environment and the support available in this area. The seminar will take place online on 1st April 2021 from 1:00 p.m. till 3:30 p.m.

Published Apr 13, 2021

BIOCEV: The course on Micro-/Nanofluidics

We cordially invite you on the course on Micro-/Nanofluidics that will be held on-line on April 20th and April 27th, 2021 by prof. Jeroen Lammertyn, a top researcher in nanobiotechnology and full professor of Catholic University of Leuven.

Published Apr 12, 2021

Popular Science: Forest, tell me how high will the spring flood be?

Snow cover has a major impact on groundwater recharge and on the overall water balance in the river basin. However, the rapid melting of snow cover also causes spring floods. Ondřej Hotový together with Michal Jeníček from the Department of Physical Geography and Geoecology, Faculty of Science, Charles University, found out the influence of the condition of the forest in the river basin on the distribution and melting of snow cover.

Published Apr 12, 2021

Popular Science: Easy, quick and affordable – a new method of (not only) cancer diagnosis

Early diagnosis is crucial for successful treatment of virtually any disease. This is especially true with cancer. Cancer indicators in urine are usually detected one by one, which is very time consuming and expensive. How can diagnosis be made more efficient? One way is to detect several indicators at once by using methods that are less costly and faster. This has become the subject of interest for a research group led by Professor Jiří Barek from the Department of Analytical Chemistry of the Faculty of Science, Charles University.

Published Apr 05, 2021

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