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Mariya Shamzhy contributes to groundbreaking international research

Mariya Shamzhy from Charles University Center of Advanced Materials, Faculty of Science, has contributed to a groundbreaking international research on zeolite catalysis published in the prestigious journal Nature Communications. Congratulations!

The team of co-authors, consisting of five different countries, has uncovered a revolutionary new design concept for catalysts used in the industrially crucial Methanol-to-Hydrocarbon (MTH) process, enabling the production of high-demand chemical commodities from source-abundant methanol. A remarkable 14-fold increase in the catalyst's lifetime was achieved by employing liquid gallium as a promoter, which molecular-level effects on the working catalyst were uncovered through meticulous in situ spectroscopic studies conducted at Charles University. 

The new concept of the utilization of liquid metals as promoters of zeolite catalysts introduces exciting possibilities for the development of more efficient and robust catalytic systems for a wide range of industrial processes.

This discovery highlights the pivotal role of international collaboration in driving cutting-edge research forward and underscores Charles University's leadership position in the R&D of advanced materials.

Mariya Shamzhy, Ph.D.,Charles University Center of Advanced Materials, Faculty of Science 


Published: Mar 22, 2024 12:05 PM

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