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The prestigious EMBO Postdoctoral Fellowship was awarded to a graduate of our faculty

EMBO Postdoctoral Fellowships support outstanding graduate students from all over the world. With a scientific breadth of research, a wide geographical reach and more than 1800 top experts from around the world, EMBO members help young scientists to further their research, promote their international reputation and ensure their mobility. We are honoured that one of the recipients of the prestigious EMBO Postdoctoral Fellowship is Vedrana Marković Ph.D. , a PhD graduate from the Department of Experimental Plant Biology of our Faculty. Congratulations!
foto: Ivan Kulich

Vedrana Marković Ph.D. received her master's degree in immunobiology at the University of Belgrade, for her Ph.D. studies she chose our faculty, specifically the Laboratory of Plant Cell Biology at the Department of Experimental Plant Biology, where she successfully defended her dissertation "Functional specialization of EXO70A and EXO70B paralogs of the EXO70 exocyst subunit in Arabidopsis." under the supervision of Prof. Víktor Žárský. The new findings presented in her thesis significantly expanded the current knowledge of the function of the exocyst complex in plants and revealed the functional specialization of EXO70 isoforms acquired during the evolution of land plants.

Vedrana Marković is also co-author of several scientific articles. Together with a team of scientists from the Faculty of Science of Charles University and the Institute of Experimental Botany of the CAS, she has published new findings on pollen development and germination in one of the most prestigious scientific journals Plant Physiology.

Thanks to the EMBO Postdoctoral Fellowship, Vedrana Makrović will continue her research at the elite French scientific institution ENS de Lyon, specifically in the Laboratory of Plant Development and Reproduction. 

On behalf of our faculty, we wish Vedrana Marković every success in her scientific career.

Published: Jul 19, 2022 11:25 AM

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