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Laboratory of Electron Microscopy


The laboratory mainly provides services in the field of electron microscopy, for research and educational purposes, not only for staff but also students of the biological constituent of the Faculty of Science. Servis includes consultations concerning preparation of biological samples, material and technical help during the preparation of samples for electron microscopy.

Other activities of the laboratory include:


  • The realization of chosen grant projects either as a sole applicant or as a collaboration with other scientific departments of the biological section of the Faculty of Science.

  • The instruction of the optional course "Electron Microscopy“ (MB160C38) for biology students, which is compromised of teaching both lectures and practical portions within the frame of specialized courses for relevant individual departments.

  • As and when possible, to provide a servis for other collaborative scientific institutions.

  • To perform research in the field of applicational biological electron microscopy.


The laboratory is equiped with a JEOL JEM-1011 transmission electron microscope with a Veleta CCD camera, which utilizes the Olympus Soft Imaging Solution GmbH software, a JEOL JSM-6380 LV scanning electron microscope, a Leica EM AFS 2 automatic cryo-substitution unit, a Leica EM AMW automatic microwave processor, a Bal-Tec CPD 030 critical point drier, Bal-Tec SCD 050 sputter coater with rotational platform, a JEOL JEE-420 evaporator, Reichert-Jung Ultracut E ultramicrotomes, Diatome oscillating diamond knife, LKB 7801A knife maker, and other equipment.

Web pages:   http://web.natur.cuni.cz/~lem/


New reservation system (trial operation for HR SEM Jeol JSM-IT800):




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