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Seminar: doc. RNDr. Fatima Cvrčková, Dr., Dr.rer.nat.

Twenty years with plant formins. We welcome you to the seminar talk presented by doc. Fatima Cvrčková, the member and head of our department. The seminar will be online.
When Apr 27, 2021
from 03:00 PM to 04:30 PM
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Twenty years with plant formins




doc. RNDr. Fatima Cvrčková, Dr., Dr.rer.nat.

(Katedra experimentální biologie rostlin, PřFUK)


Despite the enormous structural diversity of their cells, eukaryotes of all lineages of life utilize evolutionarily conserved molecular mechanisms traceable to the last universal common ancestor – LECA – to manage the complex, orchestrated interplay of cytoskeletal and membrane structures involved in cellular morphogenesis. While seeking for evidence of such conserved mechanisms in the growing thesaurus of genomic data, I came across a family of plant homologs of metazoan and yeast formins – proteins then believed to act as signaling hubs modulating cytoskeletal function - more than 20 years ago. In this seminar, I will provide an overview of the two decades of ongoing plant formin research in our lab, including recent novel insights into epidermal cell shaping, root development, and pollen tube growth.


How to get the link to the online seminar?

The link to the seminar meet.google.com/mqi-oatq-tic


Published: Apr 26, 2021 01:20 PM

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