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Methodology and Technical Support

Kvasinková RNA separovaná dle elektroforetického protokolu, který byl publikován Laboratoří biochemie RNA



  • various gene engineering methods including some more advanced ones (qRT PCR, RACE, NGS)
  • immunoprecipitation, affinity chromatography
  • luminiscence and fluorescence techniques, immunohistochemistry, confocal microscopy
  • work with human cell and tissue lines
  • flow cytometry, FPLC
  • in vitro translation, polysomal profiles, TGGE
  • RNAi techniques, injecting dsRNA to insect larvae and pupae


Laboratory Equippment

  • 3 PCR cyclers
  • 2 tissue culture boxes, PCR box
  • ISCO gradient analyser
  • Nanodrop
  • SpectraMax Microplate spectrophotometer
  • TGGE
  • etc.

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