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Teaching and Study

The Department of Genetics and Microbiology currently offers over 50 lectures and 24 practical courses on various subjects relating to genetics, molecular biology, microbiology or virology. Their complete list can be found here. The majority of these lectures and courses is given solely in the Czech language; those offered in English have a suffix of "E" in their code (you can also ascertain whether the lecture/course is given in Czech or English under the heading "Language" that is shown for each subject in the list). However, if all students attending the respective lecture/course are in agreement, the teacher can consent to give the lecture in English.

Undergraduate students in the Bachelor’s Degree study programmes and interested in genetics, molecular and cell biology, microbiology or virology can start their scientific career in our Department. The recommended curriculum for those students who will eventually want to pursue their M.Sc. degree in one of the specializations of "Genetics, Molecular Biology and Virology" or “Microbiology” branches of study (part of the "Biology" study programme), and further information on this topic can be given by the study advisors RNDr. Lenka Horníková, Ph.D. and/or Mgr. Václav Vopálenský, Ph.D.

The creation of a B.Sc. thesis and its public defence is also an integral part of the Bachelor’s Degree studies at the Faculty of Science. The compulsory rules for this procedure can be found here (in Czech only), and an example of such a B.Sc. thesis is available here. The Department of Genetics and Microbiology offers various topics for B.Sc. theses; some of which can be found here. Other B.Sc. theses can be arranged after direct communication with the prospective intra-departmental or external supervisor.

Students interested in obtaining the Master’s Degree in the "Genetics, Molecular Biology and Virology" (study advisor RNDr. Michaela Schierová, Ph.D.) or “Microbiology” (study advisor doc. RNDr. Ivo Konopásek, CSc.) branches of study (the "Biology" study programme) can choose from three individual specializations: Virology, Molecular Biology and Genetics of Eukaryota and Molecular Biology and Genetics of Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic Microorganisms.

As in the Bachelor´s Degree studies, the Master´s Degree studies at the Faculty of Science must be concluded with the creation of a M.Sc. (diploma) thesis and its public defence. M.Sc. theses currently in progress, as well as several topics for such theses offered by various internal and external members of our Department, can be found here. However, the specific topic of a particular M.Sc. thesis should be preferably determined during a personal appointment with the prospective intra-departmental or external supervisor.

The best time to start being more interested in possible participation in some of the research projects of the Department (as well as the projects taking place in the cooperating scientific institutes) is probably at the end of the second year of the Bachelor´s Degree studies. Nevertheless, the applicants for admission to our Master´s Degree Study programmes can, of course, come from other universities and higher education institutions, as well.

Although the above-mentioned study programmes are currently open in Czech language only, we have (in cooperation with two other departments of our Faculty) recently opened new M.Sc. study programme Parasitology and Infection Biology, which is completely in English. More information on this M.Sc. programme can be found here.

The highest level of the university education provided by our Department is the postgraduate study. Two Ph.D. programmes, "Molecular and Cellular Biology, Genetics and Virology" (chairwoman / study advisor doc. RNDr. Dana Holá, Ph.D.) and "Microbiology" (chairman/study advisor doc. RNDr. Ivo Konopásek, CSc.), offer many opportunities for students not only from the Czech Republic or Slovakia, but from other countries as well (both are open either in Czech or in English language). Both of these programmes are part of the "Doctoral Study Programmes in Biomedicine", a joint effort of the Charles University in Prague and the Czech Academy of Sciences. Students can apply for admission to the accredited postgraduate programme with lectures either in Czech or in English. Information on the nostrification procedure for applicants who received their education abroad can be found here.

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