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Student Confidant

Student Confidant at the Department of Ecology

University studies are challenging in many ways. We want to be here for you when you face difficulties and may not have ideal conditions for studying. Although we believe that your supervisors are open to listening to you, it may not always be easy to turn to them, or you might consider inappropriate to ask them. However, no problem is too small to be ignored.

What we can help you with? For example:

  • You find yourself in a situation that hampers your studies / keeps you stuck in your research project.
  • You need help with breaking through a communication barrier between members of your research team.
  • You would like to independently discuss the pros and cons of staying / further studying at the department or choosing the dissertation topic.
  • You feel that there is so much work that you probably won’t be able to finish it (like, ever!).
  • You have trouble combining work, study, and/or personal matters.
  • You see little progress in your work/research project, but you do not know why.

You will find understanding and the desire to help and change something. Your problems and opinions will be heard, not judged. We won’t solve the problems for you  ̶  instead, we will try to work them out together, figure out how to get out of that mess or which further direction to choose. Whatever you share with us will be considered confidential (unless we mutually agree otherwise).

"Our approach is based on mutual trust, respect, and cooperation between equal partners."

How, where, to whom?

  • An e-mail for suggestions, complaints and questions is confident.ecology@gmail.com. FYI Petra, Tereza and David have access to this email.
  • Anonymous form - https://forms.gle/V8tvXVqLZ1rRhz5b6  
  • You can also contact Petra or Tereza directly (emails below) or the head of department David Hořák david.horak@natur.cuni.cz.
Tereza Tereza Petrusková (tereza.petruskova@natur.cuni.cz)


Petra Vinšová (petra.vinsova@natur.cuni.cz)

Additionally, you may be interested in a specific kind of professional service (e.g., psychotherapy, coaching), for which the following links could be useful. Remember that all the services provided for students and employees are free of charge!

Services at Faculty of Science

Counselling and Psychological Services

University centres

Psychological Counselling for all CU students and employees - Carolina Centre - Centrum Carolina (cuni.cz)

To help you navigating the study system, plans, and regulations, student tutors from our faculty may be of great help! Try to reach them via e-mail tutor.biologie@natur.cuni.cz

It may be difficult to navigate the system or identify which service you should go for -- just let us know and we will help to sort it out with you!


Hey! Don't overlook our shiny Code of Conduct! This little guide (or handbook?) is here for all members of the department (maybe even beyond) and should serve us as to promote a safe, harmonious and inclusive environment around us. You can also download it as a PDF.



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